Organizing Sewing Needles

sewing needles 011The other day I found myself sewing on knit fabric with a jean/denim needle. I was struggling with the skirt until I realized I had the wrong needle in my machine. I sew on all types of fabrics and switch from one fabric to another on a daily basis. One day I might be working with a stretchy knit fabric and the next I may be hemming some jeans, therefore I switch my needles often. The problem I run into is that I never remember which type of needle is in the machine when I go to use it the next time. I have noticed that some needles are now marked with color…but some are still not.
sewing needles 004 So the other day when I shopping at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores I decided to get my needles organized. I was in need of some new  needles anyways, so it was perfect timing. I bought a package of each type of needle that I use on a regular basis and I also bought some stretch needles and microtex needles…just because. Once I got home I took some colored sharpie markers and marked the needles that weren’t already marked. Now each needle has its own color.sewing needles 005 Then I cut off part of the card stock packaging that labeled each needle as well as gave a description of is uses on the backside. Then I just colored a corner of the card stock the same color that I colored each needle. sewing needles 008Then to store all of the needles I purchased one of these cute little metal tin sewing machines. They are used to hold gift cards but I thought it would be perfect for holding all of my needles.
sewing needles 009 Now I just combined my love for organizing and sewing. And now I will always know which type of  needle is in my machine. No more sewing a knit skirt with a jeans needle!sewing needles 010 How do you keep your needles organized? Any other tips for keeping your sewing goodies organized?

Organizing paint chips and fabric swatches

A few days ago if you were to look in the bottom of my bag you would have seen a big pile of paint chips and fabric swatches. And from time to time you would be able to see pictures of things that I had hoped to find in our travels…complete with dimensions and all. Yes, some would call me crazy(and slightly obsessive) but I would like to think of it as being prepared and ready to find a deal at a moments notice. Although I was prepared with this big pile of color it was far from being organized.So the other day I decided to make a little fabric book to hold all of my paint chips, fabric swatches and decorating ideas.Now I am one step closer to getting my life organized…or at least my bag.How do you organize all of your paint chips? Any other great ideas for me?