embrace the camera {valentines day 2012}

Valentine’s Day snuck up on us this year, I guess that happens sometimes. Normally we would spend the day make special treats for others, but this year we spent the day playing with balloons and decorating with hearts.

I did manage to make some special heart shaped treats for the kids though.

Our treats were far from being fancy, but the kids would disagree. Funny how anything cut into a heart shape immediately becomes super special. I love that about kids!

Feeling a little guilty about the lack of special treats for the kids I dug-out these crazy glow-in-the-dark shades from the Dollar Store.

They were more fun then anything I could have planned.

This little guy couldn’t get enough of his bee mask. And after 30 minutes of being in the dark and tripping over way too many toys I was so over these masks… and so weren’t the girls.

However, this little boy was still determined to turn off all the lights at any chance he got.

Thank you Dollar Store for such cheap treats and for making our Valentine’s Day more special!

So I haven’t sewn all week. I said I was done working on the house, but I just cant stop! Really, I may have some issues here folks. This past weekend I decided to tackle the mudroom. I finally stained all the wood and then started organizing all of our stuff.

Its almost finished. I’m just waiting to put up a shelf and paint a few things, then I’m done! Yes, I’m so done working on the house…well maybe!

Happy Valentines Day!

May your day be filled with lots of fun, happiness…
and unexpected gestures of love. And may your night be filled with a quiet romantic dinner away with the hubby…instead of my night, which will be spent peeling sticky hearts off from all those unexpected places!

But really, I wouldn’t want it any other way! Although take-out from a certain Italian restaurant with a little chocolate mousse would be nice.

embrace the camera {Valentine’s Day 2011}

Valentine’s Day morning started early with two little girls sharing a cupcake on the kitchen floor. This momma was a bit mad, but look at how happy this little munchkin was to get her first tastes of a chocolate cupcake.

I quickly decided to get those cupcakes frosted and out of the reach of little hands. So while my little guy and I decorated our cupcakes and put them into canning jars, this little girl spent her time sneaking another cupcake and eating all the leftover sprinkles.

My little guy took his time placing all of the hearts on his cupcake. He is so unlike his sister and even decided to save his cupcake for later.

And it wouldn’t be a holiday if we didn’t make some type of cupcake in a canning jar.
We made Daddy his favorite treat, raspberry squares.

In the afternoon, once all our baking and decorating was done we gathered all our handmade goodies and delivered them to special friends and family.
Then we came home and just hung out impatiently waiting for daddy to come home from work and see his baked goodies.

At least I got some good snuggles in while waiting!
Once Daddy got home Momma made a scrumptious dinner of Giovonni Shrimp. It was scrumptious but far from being romantic. The baby was either crying or being held for the whole meal. And of course, there was the infamous 1/2-a-glass of milk spilled all over the floor. Oh well, but we sure did enjoy our cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries. The baby got her first tastes of a chocolate covered strawberry too, thanks to her big sister. I think her sister is quickly becoming her bff.
So how was your Valentine’s Day?

Finding love in unexpected places.

The funny thing about love is that it shows up in unexpected places. And it totally makes us realize that we love our chickens. Thanks girls for this little heart you made for me, on the coldest day of the winter.
You may have only given me one egg that day, but this little heart made up for it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

May you find love in unexpected places too.


Today I started the day off in a pretty bad funk. You know one of those “woe is me” days. I was tired of being home alone with the kiddo’s. I was just plain ole lonely and wanted to be living in one of my “pre-momma days.” I wanted to have my day pack and snowshoes strapped on and out hiking a mountain… with just me. I wanted no responsibilities, no nursing sessions to base my life around. I wanted my freedom. You know those moments when ya just don’t want to be a momma and you want to be YOU? Well, that was my day until we started putting our Valentine’s Day goodie bags together.

I’m not sure if it was the handfuls of these that I consumed or,

or the insane cuteness of these little candies,
but one thing was for sure, I was beginning to feel better.

And it wasn’t until I started watching this little missy girl of mine, that I realized that I no longer wanted to be alone… I wanted to be right here with them. I wanted to watch them consume waaay too many treats and hoard them away in there “secret” bags. I wanted to be at my little baby’s beckoning call for milk. I wanted to be…me and a momma! It’s a struggle sometimes finding me in all the mix, but I know I’m there. Some days are harder than others, but thanks to my kiddo’s and these cute little m&m‘s I was able to find…mommy&me. Sometimes it is the little things that make us realize who we really are. And someday I will have my day pack and snowshoes strapped on again. And hopefully I will have 3 little ones right behind me.

So how do you keep from loosing “me” in all the mix? Are you there in the mix or does motherhood change who you are?
isn’t it ironic, how sometimes those little people that put you into that funky-funk in the first place, are the same little ones getting you out?!
Ok, enough deep thoughts from me for today. So whatcha making for Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s Day crafts with the kids.

This morning I did a little crafting with the kids. I know these are far from being amazingly inventive and there are yarn crafts everywhere way cuter then these, but that’s all I had today. And for some reason I have a hard time coming up with cute kids crafts. So if anyone knows of a good site, please pass it on to this momma.
All we did was wrap some heart shaped wooden pieces with yarn and then hot glued them onto the canvas. Like I said, not the most inventive craft I have ever done, but I just love the simplicity of it.

I’m pretty sure that once Valentine’s Day is over, the one with the 5 hearts on it will be getting a permanent home in my bedroom.

So what have you been crafting for Valentine’s Day?
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