Upcycling a boys shirt into baby doll clothes.

My little girls love playing dress up with their dolls. So a few months ago I made them a bunch of clothes for their dolls using their old baby clothes and a few of my sons. I had these two plaid shirts that I just loved and couldn’t part with. So I turned one 2T long sleeve button down shirt into one pair of pants and one pillowcase dress.

They were so simple and easy to make. Just take your shirt and cut off the sleeves right at the seams. Then cut the sleeves to the desired length by measuring them up to your doll. Remember to allow a few extra inches at the cut part to allow the edges to be rolled over for the elastic to be added. Cut your little half circles on the inside parts of the shirt like I did below. This way you will end up with the buttons on the outside of the pants.

Now turn one sleeve inside out and keep the other one right side out.

Place them inside one another with the half circles lined up. Pin in place. Sew only the half circles.

Pull the legs. Now turn the pants wrong side out.

Fold over the top edge twice and iron flat. Sew all around edge while leaving a 1″ opening. Feed elastic through opening.

Sew opening shut and turn your pants right side out.

Now to make the pillowcase dress all I did was trim off the collar and made sure the fabric was straight across the top and back. Then cut the arms out by using the seams where the arms used to be sewn on and where you just cut the sleeves off.

Fold the top and the back of the dress over twice and sew like a regular pillow case dress.

Just another quick and easy upcycling project. And what a great way to use up those outgrown hard to part with clothes.

A pretty little craddle for her 3rd birthday.

On Friday we celebrated my little girl’s 3rd birthday. It was nothing fancy but it had everything she requested…

chocolate cupcakes
and balloons.
For her gift I repainted an old wooden cradle that I picked up from a yard sale this summer for $2.
Then I made some cute little bedding for the cradle out of one of her old Easter dresses.
The pad was made from the main part of the dress and I used the gathered top part of the dress to make a little pillow.
The crochet (or knitted) blanket is actually a place mat that I picked up at a yard sale this summer. So cute isn’t it? (I loved it so much that it actually became the inspiration for their playroom, which you will see soon!)
Since I couldn’t stop there, I made bear-bear a bunch of clothes using her old outgrown baby clothes. It was such a fun and cheap gift and I loved upcycling all of those outgrown baby clothes. It is so sweet watching her play dress up with some of the clothes she used to wear.

How to make a Kid’s Lunch Tote from a milk jug.

The kiddo’s love eating outside and so don’t I. I usually pack everyone’s lunches up in bread pans but for some reason my crafty mind came up with this little lunch tote from a milk jug.

All I did was cut out a little area in front of the spout with my scissors. Make sure you don’t cut out the spout because it makes the greatest little utensil and napkin holder.

Fill it up with their favorite treats. Sometimes they are lucky enough to get something a little special on these days. Today they were lucky enough to get s’mores on a stick. MMM, I say, you gotta make some.

Now all the kiddo’s have to do is grab the handle and carry their own lunches outside.

It’s a great upcycle project that took about 2 minutes to make. And the kiddo’s thought it was so fun to eat out of a milk jug.

Happy picnicking!

Beach Robe {take 2: upcycled}

After making my first Beach Robe I knew there would be many to follow, plus I had to redeem myself and get the bias tape on the tie right. So a few weeks ago when my sister in law’s mother brought me an old bathrobe to use for the material, I knew immediately what I was going to make with it…the Beach Robe from MADE. It was perfect timing since my little nieces first birthday was coming soon and plus it was her Grammy’s old bathrobe. Love it, an upcycled beach robe from Grammy’s old bath robe!

The fluffiness of the material was so perfect and luckily lightweight. It was much easier to work with then the beach towel I used for the first one. I didn’t even pin the bias tape on ahead of time and that seemed to work much better for me. I just took my time and sandwiched the robe in between the bias tape and sewed as I went along.
For some reason I ended up only buying 2 packages of bias tape instead of 3. So I didn’t get to redeem myself and couldn’t add the cute little tie. So instead I decided to make and add some buttons. This time I also trimmed out the hood on the inside seam and think that made the robe look much cuter and more put together. Now I’m wishing I did that with my first one too.
Look at the top of the robe, can you see the cute little design in the material? When I saw the design on the bath robe I knew that I had to incorporate it into the beach robe…it is just so sweet!
My little girl was pretty happy to model it for me, but had a hard time parting with it.
I love how the material and fabrics look so sweet together.
But what I love more, is that Grammy’s old bath robe is now a sweet little beach robe for her granddaughter. Now three more beach robes to make…for my kiddo’s this time.

milk jug turned plastic container.

Looking for a great way to use up all of those empty milk jugs?

Well why not turn them into these cute little plastic containers. I saw this idea over on the Disney family fun website and loved it immediately. I am always in need of little containers to put our goodies in when giving them away to others and this is such a great way to do that. Over at family fun they used their containers to hold sandwiches for the kiddo’s. But honestly, you can store anything in these little containers. So give it a shot. They quick, fun, and easy to make. Oh ya, did I mention FREE! Plus your re-using those empty milk jugs instead of placing them into the trash.

fat quarter friday {fabric luggage tag tutorial}

Fabric Luggage Tag Tutorial
(allow 30 minutes from start to finish)

Materials Needed:

*fabric scraps
*batting or stabilizer
*heavy plastic bags (the ones that sheet sets come in)

**Before you get started change, change the foot on your machine to a tephlon or plastic foot. This foot will glide smoother over the plastic when top stitching over the plastic.**

Start by cutting off a 4 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ piece of plastic from the plastic bag. If the plastic is really wrinkled you can iron them by sandwiching the plastic in between two pieces of fabric. It worked great for me, just don’t hold me liable for any mishaps.

Cut fabric to the following sizes:

* one piece 2″ x 19″ (contrasting fabric will be used for the strap)
* cut 2 pieces of main fabric: 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
* cut one piece of batting or stabilizer: 5 1/2″ x 3 1/2″

Take the 2″ x 19″ piece of fabric and make a bias strip out of it. Now cut 3 1/2″ off from the bias strip you just made. Now you should have a piece that is 3 1/2″ long and one that is 15 1/2″ long.
Take the 3 1/3″ piece of bias tape and sew it onto the top of the plastic.
Top stitch down the middle of the bias tape to make a strap.
Time to assemble the tag. Layer with the batting or stabilizer on the bottom. Then fabric right side up. Place the plastic piece on top, right side up and finish with fabric piece right side down.

Pin in place. Just do not pin through plastic piece. If you need to, you can use masking tape to keep the plastic piece in place, but I was fine without having to tape it down. Stitch around sides while leaving a 1 1/2″ opening at the top of the tag for turning right side out.

Trim very close to the stitches and square off the corners. Do not trim the fabric at the opening. Turn right side out.

Push sides out and use a pointy object to push out the corners. Fold in the opening and iron flat. Be careful not to iron the plastic.

Take the strap and insert it into the opening.
Make sure handle is centered. Pin in place and top stitch all around the tag.

Now insert your address and info on a card or insert your business card. To attach luggage tag, just pull strap through luggage handle, open up strap and push tag through the loop. Now pull tag and make it snug.
Now if I only had a place to go! That’s alright, I actually made these will someone else in mind. But they do look super cute on my little girls Dante Beatrix backpack, don’t they?!

**Please feel free to use this tutorial for your personal sewing projects. You may link this to your blog and use any photo’s. Please be kind and give credit where credit is due.**

Any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me. If you make one using this tutorial, please add it to my flickr group. I would love to see it!