Happy Thanksgiving and…

Happy Birthday Grammie!

Last minute Thanksgiving ideas for the kiddos.

The Idea Room has the cutest little Turkey Feathers game to entertain the kiddo’s while cooking your feast.

Here are some cute little teepee place card holders from sweetology101. UMM yes, I will gladly sit at the kids table for one of these!
Candy Cornucopia from Simple Girl at Home and while you are there, check out her other amazing treats!
This cute little book has a Thanksgiving twist on the The Very Hungry Caterpillar book. Visit Our Wonderfilled Life for your free download.
And this one is by far my most favorite…
Turkey in a jar from munchkinmunckies. You know my love for anything in a canning jar, but these are just over-the-top with cuteness!

embrace the camera {Thanksgiving 2010}

Our Thanksgiving was a laid back kind of one. We woke up early and made homemade doughnuts while watching Curious George Christmas.

And ate lots of turkey:) That’s right, we were so full from eating the doughnuts that we decided to postpone our feast for another day. But if you asked my son we ate lots of turkey, I guess he was kinda right.

Because he consumed lots of “turkey.”

We made these little turkeys the night before Thanksgiving. I thought it would be a great project to do with the kids but they were a little too hard for the kids to help with and let’s be honest, they were more interested in eating all the candy then in helping momma!

After we ate lots of “turkey” we headed out to visit family.

That weekend we planned on making our Christmas wreaths. So we got all bundled up and headed out to cut some boughs. With 2 chainsaws in tow and 3 kids all bundled, we were off! SHH, we totally cheated and ended up parking the car on the road and walked in about 25 feet to cut down our two trees. (Thanks Uncle Pete, we stole two of your trees.)
My little girl was “told” the whole time. I guess that is what happens when you are wearing a pumpkin hat and snowsuit that is for a 6 month old. No complaints from this momma, I got lots and lots of snuggles.

While he LOVED it!

He was such a good little helper and was ready to cut down every tree in sight.

But she was just to “told”!

She was like her brother, just LOVING it! We headed back home and began to make our wreaths. While momma and daddy competed over who was going to make the best wreaths the kids played around in the barn. Our little guy loves to disassemble everything with a screw in it. Seriously, EVERYTHING, we would complain, but oh how it occupies his time. And momma and daddy got to spend some fun time together.

Here is mommas wreath, it’s kinda embarrassing. Ok, not kinda, it is embarrassing. Not sure where this one is going to hang, surely not on our front doors.

AWW yes, and here is daddy’s BEAUTIFUL, perfectly round, full wreath. So he won hands down!

Not your typical Thanksgiving, but it was our Thanksgiving. And I am so thankful to have been able to spend it how we did. Any time we get to be with daddy and not have him working on the house is a special day in my book!
Anyone else eat lots of “turkey”?

How we are giving thanks this year.

We decided to make everyone little “give thanks” cards.

I printed out a picture of our family and taped them onto white card stock. Then I let my son add the extras. I gave him the choice to use whatever he wanted. He used my tape, scissors, glue, stapler, and hole puncher. He loved being able to use mommas goodies and making his own creations. I just let him do his own thing, nothing being right or wrong. I wasn’t sure how long he would spend on making these, but he took his time. He thought carefully about each card and who they were going to. He definitely has my genes, it’s kinda scary! Before nap time we ended up spending a good 2 hours on them.

I found these cute little “give thanks” printables over at Sweet Craft Cakes. They have some other cute little cards to match. And I think I got the round printables from Tip Junkie, but I’m not positive.

Here they are, aren’t they GREAT? I’m one proud momma!

Once nap time was over and all the glue was dried we used the little owl printables and wrote on the back of the cards telling each person why we were thankful for them. This was my favorite part! I loved hearing my son tell me why he was thankful for each person. He made one for each of his aunts and uncles, one to a neighbor of ours. Another one to a special aunt that always gives him candy and the last one is to a “friend of his” that is still a mystery to me.

And here is the card he made for Mommy and Daddy!
While he was making his cards, I made a couple of picture books for one of my aunts and for one of my husbands aunts. They deserved an extra little thanks for some special gifts they are always sending the kids. They are nothing fancy and were so simple to make. I just made them from scrap booking paper and used some baggies to put the pictures in. I punched some holes on the sides to keep all the pages in place, and of course added a little ribbon.

I also tried my first pie in a canning jar! Yup, simply FAB-U-LOUS! I can definitely add these to my list of canning jar can do’s!

So what are you doing to give thanks? Please do share, I love hearing what others are doing!
Happy Thanksgiving!