Spring already?!

I think it is safe to say that sugaring season is over.

Unless it is normal to be checking for sap barefoot and shirtless.
Its more like hunting for bugs in the bucket season now.
Its been such a weird spring here, 80 degrees for the past few days. Even the bulbs are popping up and so isn’t the rhubarb.
See the little heart? Even the flowers are loving this weather.
We are spending most of our days outside in the sandbox, running around barefoot…
and playing on the swing set. This little one is the daredevil of the bunch, she is a feisty one I tell ya. Don’t let that little smile fool you.
While we are loving these days we are also waiting for one more snowstorm. That’s how it is living in the northeast, the weather is never predictable. But I’m really hoping spring is here!

Shoveling snow at the beach.

It was an amazing 70 degrees outside yesterday, so we decided to head to the beach for the afternoon.

When we got to the beach we found out that it was still snow covered.

We should have realized that since we could still see people skiing on the mountains.
But the weather was so nice we didn’t care if the beach was snow covered or not. Shoveling snow at the beach is much more fun then playing in the sand anyways.
My littlest decided to hang out with momma on the dry patch of grass most of the time.
While I would like to think she was hanging out with me, she was actually hanging out with the big bag of “pottorn” and the bug juices.
Daddy helped the other two build a dam and a river that ended up going all the way to the water.

Once their river was done they decided to start chopping at the ice.
Apparently these two found chopping ice out of the water more fun then shoveling snow at the beach. We didn’t care what they were doing…they were having fun, even if they were soaking wet in freezing cold water.
It wasn’t their first ride home in their undies and I’m pretty sure its not their last.

Lilacs and apple blossoms in the backyard.

Goodbye winter beauty. Hello spring beauty.

embrace the camera {almost spring}

I know spring is almost here because… our rubber boots are a must and not just a fashion statement.

Piggie is brought outside to swing with.

Cheeks are rosy red from playing and not from the cold.

The sandbox is almost clear of snow and is being played in.

Oh and so haven’t the hoses, much this momma’s liking.

But mostly you can tell spring is almost here by the smiles on our faces and the fact that we are not all bundled up.

Gosh it was great to get outside for a bit with the kiddo’s the past few days! It was a pretty tough week for me. But I won’t dwell on it. All it took was some fun times spent outside with the kiddo’s and I was energized and ready to battle whatever life throws my way. The snow hasn’t completely melted, but I can see grass more and more each day. And yes, I am going to ignore the fact that they are calling for 4-8 inches of snow for tomorrow. At least we know it won’t last long and yes, spring is almost here!