How to make Teggings {tutorial}

So we have all heard of leggings and jeggings, but teggings? I will be honest, I thought I created this design and term, but it seems as though teggings are a real thing, at least for women. I know because I googled it. It’s funny how we always think we have come up with the newest and greatest idea only to find out someone else has already thought of it. So anyways, I still love the idea of these. Turn all those too short, outgrown tights into leggings…I mean Teggings! Plus, I don’t know about you but I have a ton of kids tights with stained feet and really they are going to be too small come next winter to be worn again anyways. So why not turn those tights into teggings?!

Teggings Tutorial
(Beginner level: takes about 5 minutes to make one pair)

Materials Needed:

* 1 pair of worn or slightly outgrown tights or you can use new tights.
First I am going to show you how I made one pair of teggings using two pairs of tights. I had a few pairs of tights that were too short but had really cute designs on them that I didn’t want to get rid of so I used two pairs of tights to make one pair of Teggings. Start by cutting off the feet right about the heel. Now cut at the top of the design. I think mine was about 6 inches long once cut. Take another pair of tights that were either too short or had holes in those toes and cut off the bottom of the feet about 3 or so inches above the heel. Take the cut piece from the decorated tights and fold wrong sides together. Make sure cut edges line up. Slide the cut part of tights into the folded decorated piece. Pin. Zig-zag or serge edges. Fold down and that is it. A new pair of Teggings! Now to make a pair of Teggings from one pair of tights. Take your pair of tights and cut like so. I cut my hemmed piece about 4″ long. You can cut it longer or shorter. It’s your choice here. Discard the toes and fold the hemmed piece in half with wrong sides facing. Again slide tights inside. Make sure all the edges line up. Pin in place. Zig-zag or serge. And there you have it…another pair of Teggins! They are so quick and easy to make. I made a bunch of these within 30 minutes. Tights that were headed for the trash, now have a new and fun use…gotta love that!

Refashioning long sleeve onesies.

My girls have a ton of long sleeve onesies and now that summer is here we no longer need them, And in all reality, by the time winter rolls around again these cute little shirts will no longer fit them. So I figured I would do a little refashioning and turn them into something we did need…rompers (ok, so maybe they are just onesies with a ruffle). It doesn’t matter what I call them because I’m thinking they are pretty darn cute on this little munchkin of mine!

This was my first time doing a lettuce edge ruffle before. I used this tutorial and was surprised how easy it was to do and how cute those little ruffled edges look.

I used the cut-off long sleeves to make the lettuce edge ruffle on the back of the romper. I can’t help but love ruffles on a rump!

What’s your favorite thing to refashion? Know of any great refashioning tutorials?

toddler dress turned momma apron {part 2}

Remember the toddler dress that I refashioned into this mommas apron? Well, I finally finished the matching apron for my niece using the leftover fabric from that one toddler dress.

As you can see I had to use more solid fabric then fabric from the dress, but nonetheless I think it is adorable and I still used less than a yard of fabric to make both aprons.

The flowered strip around the waist and on the bottom of the apron are the leftover ties from the dress. And the little pockets are actually the sleeves from the dress.
I just love the way the two of them look together.

I used up every little bit of fabric that was leftover from that toddler dress. I think I definitely got my moneys worth, not to mention made a pretty cute matching apron set for my sister-in-law and little niece.
After making these, I totally look at little girl’s dresses in a whole new light. I never new refashioning could be so fun!

Toddler dress turned momma apron (refashioning)

I was at the local thrift store a few days ago and saw the cutest toddler dresses (tags still on them) for major CHEAPO, we are talking 3 dresses for 50 cents! What a steal! Not able to pass them up I thought I could either give them to my nieces or save them til my girls got bigger. But when I got home and with further inspection I realized just how much fabric there was on that toddler dress. So I quickly realized that these would make the best aprons for… us mommas or really, any adult!

I really wish I would have taken before pictures but I didn’t. Both dresses were size 4 or 5 toddler. One buttoned up the front and one button up the back. I simply cut high on the waist, both dresses just happened to empire style dresses, so they had the high waist, giving them a longer apron. Then I just simply did what I did in this tutorial for the baby dress turned toddler apron here.

All I added was the red tie on the top for the waist and the bottom red ruffle. The toddler dress already had the layer of gingham and some ric rac. I think that is what I love most about this apron. It has a few different layers and little embroidered flowers on the gingham. I used white thread when top stitching on the red fabric and just love how it looks. This one is going to my sister in law that has a sage green and red kitchen. I even have enough scraps left over from the dress to make my niece a little matching apron.

Here is the other dress, turned momma apron… this momma’s apron, maybe? I’m having a hard time wanting to part with this one. I just LOVE it. I don’t know what it is about this one, I just wanna keep it for ME! On this apron all I did was make the tie on the top using 1 fat quarter. I didn’t add anything else, I just thought it was simply perfect as it was.

I still cannot believe how perfectly the tie and the dress match. You never would have known it was a dress to begin with.

So, is it bad if I keep it for myself? Would ya think any different of me?

So there you go another quick and easy gift. Or a great way to use up your little ones outgrown dresses.

Newborn dress turned toddler apron (refashioning tutorial)

Do you have a ton of newborn baby dresses like me and don’t know what to do with them? Why not do what I did, and turn them into a toddler apron.

Just the other day I was going through my kids drawers and I came across this dress that was a hand-me-down from a friend of mine. I always love getting hand-me-downs and especially from her. I am always guaranteed to get at least a few things from Zutano, and I just love their clothing! This dress was one of my favorites from her. So when I was getting ready to pack it away I decided to use it and make her a little thank you gift instead.

So this is what I started with, a 0-6 month dress from Zutano.

I cut off the sleeves and cut the dress just above the waist. I wanted to keep the gathering that was already there.

I saved the sleeves. There is actually a bit of material there and I’m sure I can make something else with them.

Here is the bottom half of the dress. Luckily, it was a button down dress so I didn’t have to finish off any of the ends or side seams and I kept the buttons and button holes as they were.

I made a waste band/ tie by making a large bias strip. I cut mine about 44″ X 4″. Folded it like above and ironed it.

I made the ends of the tie pointed.

Then I gathered the skirt a little more by sewing on a stitch length of 4 and pulling one thread until bunched.

I pinned the middle of the tie to the middle of the of dress by opening the bias strip 1/2 way and tucking the dress in.

I started sewing at one end and sewed around the whole tie while attaching it to the skirt.

I added a little pocket.

And that was it, a baby dress turned toddler apron!

It was so quick and easy. Just think how sweet your little one is going to look playing in an apron that used to be one of her baby dresses.

I love these little drawstring bags I have been making for my etsy shop. Doesn’t this make the cutest little thank you gift?

Now I can’t wait to see what else I have for dresses so I can turn them into aprons. I can see some great Christmas gifts in the future.

little girl purses

Ok, a little more about those cute purses I made.
For an upcoming wedding my sister-in-laws and I all ordered our daughters matching April Cornell dresses. Wanting to have matching ties for our little guys we ordered an extra dress and I am making the boys matching ties (I’ll show you those later). Once I cut up the dress to make the ties, I ended up with a lot of extra ruffles and stuff. Not wanting to waste the beautiful ruffles I decided to make the little girls some purses. I used a pair of pants that I never wore as the main parts of the purses and the leftover pieces from the dress to embellish the purses.
Not having a lot of time, I didn’t get too fancy with each one, plus I had to make 6 purses. Even with the quick sewing I did, I think they are super cute and I know that my little nieces won’t notice the zig-zagged edges and my quick stitches.

I made them all different sizes and shapes.
Some with short handles.

Some with longer handles.

And some with pockets.
I carefully seam ripped the pockets off the dress and simply sewed them back onto the purse. The handle for this purse was made from the collar of the dress.
And these handles were from the opening on the back of the dress. Can you tell, it’s the part with the buttons and button holes? I simply cut them off the dress and zig-zag stitched the edges so they wouldn’t fray. They make cute little handles.
I love how cute it looks with her dress.
And her sweet little hands holding it so tight.
There is something pretty sweet about a little girl and her purse!

shirt turns cardigan

Here is a quick little refashion I did a few weeks ago. 3/4 length shirt turns cardigan. So easy and quick. Just cut up the middle of shirt. Turn raw edges over and stitch. Then add a little lace ruffle if you want.

I wasn’t going to share this with you, but it cracks me up! This is why I love photo shop. Before I cropped the picture above this is what it looked like. Note… the kids running in front of the camera, the stickers still our new windows, the floor that was just primed waiting to be painted, and my favorite one yet… I’m wearing a Curious George band aid on my thumb! Yup, this is my life!

Have a crazy fun-filled weekend!

my first photo shoot

Here is my first photo shoot with a bag I just finished and a pair of wide leg maternity pants refashioned to a shirt. I know, what in the world gave me the idea to do that, I don’t know, I guess that’s just how I roll. Or maybe I can blame it on my major lack of sleep. Either way, that shirt is dang comfortable and I’m thinking its pretty cute too.

OK, so it maybe it wasn’t a real photo shoot. And can never compare to those by Dana or Disney. But hey, don’t I get any credit for taking pictures of this justhadababy4monthsagobody or the fact that it is 5:30am and I am standing on my front porch taking pictures of myself with my automatic timer? What do you think, can pull off wearing the shirt in public?

refashioning for father’s day

I did a little refashioning for father’s day. I took one of my husbands old work shirts and turned it into a sweet little dress for one of our little girls.

I have a feeling daddy is going to love it!
We also made his favorite dessert…
raspberry squares.
We packaged up a few extras for the other special daddy’s in our lives.

I found these cute round Dad tags from paper glitter.
She has a great blog, go check it out.
Happy Father’s Day!

Maternity Shirt

With only 7 weeks left until our third baby is due, I have been having a hard time finding comfy shirts to fit over my belly. I have purchased way too many from Old Navy lately and had to return them because they were too short. They fit great on the arms and chest but once washed a few times they become belly shirts :) So I decided to try and make a few shirts of my own. I went to the thrift store and bought a men’s XL turtle neck shirt. I made it with 3/4 sleeves and flared it out on the sides. I’m still debating if I want to keep it a turtle neck shirt or not. I love the way it turned out. It is so comfy and its keeping that big belly of my covered!!

Here is the shirt I started with…

…the finished product!

Can you believe how big that belly is? YIKES! So what do you think GIRL or BOY??