Letter to Santa

This is the year Santa has been discovered.

I have never really pushed the subject before and really they were just too young to understand it. But this year, this little guy gets it and he really wants Santa to bring him something special. See, he has been holding out for his birthday to go to the “tractor store” to pick out his birthday present, but now that he knows Santa will bring him a gift, he is asking for that green tractor he has been wanting for so long.

He sat there for over an hour writing his letter.
I have never seen him be so picky about his letters before. But I guess when you are asking for a green tractor you make sure those letters are perfect. He was so excited once he finally finished his letter.
I read his letter back to him and he quickly realized that he needed to add in that it “digs with 2 sides”. He is very particular about such things. After all, he has been wanting that tractor for 10 months now.
I just hope “Santa” knows which tractor he wants and that the “tractor store” still has it.

Just a few more days to be nice!

**I used this printable from sandy toes & popsicles.**

2011 Advent Calendar.

One of my favorite traditions at Christmas time is an advent calendar. (Christmas 2009)
I just love how excited the kids get everyday when they get to open a gift. (Christmas 2010)

And how they try so hard to wait til Daddy’s home before they open that little package.

(Daddy’s advent calendar 2010)

This year I decided to do a book advent calendar. We already had 20 Christmas and winter related books, so all I had to do was pick up a few more.

I love that I got to spend more time wrapping then shopping. I’m one of those crazy people that loves wrapping.
Sometimes my gifts look better on the outside then on the inside…that’s just part of the fun for me.

I used a mixture of paper, fabric, and yarn to wrap the books and just made a bunch of numbers in print shop. A little time consuming, but well worth it in my book.

Once the wrapping was done I stuck them all in this little wooden caddy.
I’m sure you all know why I wanted our advent calendar portable this year.
That’s right, my fingers are crossed that we will be opening #25 in our new living room. We are so close, yet still so many little details left to finish.

Any of you have advent calendars? Do you make a new one each year?

Daddy’s advent calendar

Why not make a special advent calendar for daddy too! Or for that special beer lover in your life.
Here is what we came up with. I used an apple bushel box but you can use any large box that will fit either 25 beers or a mixture of beer and canning jars. I knew my husband wouldn’t consume a beer a day so we mixed it up with some fun little goodies inside of the canning jars. That’s right more canning jars!
I printed off more numbers from the ones I purchased here. I cut the numbers out and tapped them to the tops of the bottles. For the canning jars I wanted to hide what was inside, so I just taped a little piece of white card stock to the lid of the jar. SUPER EASY! I had a strand of those LED lights that run off batteries, so I strung those in through all of the bottles of beer and canning jars. Lastly, I added the tinsel.

Of course we put in lots of beer, but we also added…

some work gloves,

carpenter pencils,

and a screwdriver. We also have some of daddy’s favorite candy in a few of the jars. The kids loved helping me pick out the loot at Walmart this morning. Although they were both a little upset when I said no hammers.
Here it sits in the barn (already chilled thanks to the New Hampshire weather) waiting for when Daddy comes home. I’m thinking next year I just may make one up for myself, but with a new fat quarter for each day, whatcha think, FABULOUS idea right?

I’m so excited for the festivities to begin!

2010 fathers day card

When asked what kind of card we should make for daddy, my little guy replies “paint our hands and feet!” And with screams and clapping coming from my little girl, I knew I had no say in this matter. So, I got out the paint and decided to TRY and get all their hand and foot prints on one piece of paper. Much to my surprise, it was a success and we were still smiling and laughing when the craft was finished! Of course this craft obsessed mommy had to make our card a little more special with scrapbook paper & ribbon.
While I was finishing the card, my little girl was still “painting” her hands and feet with markers!

And my little guy decided to make a card of his own for daddy (at least that was the excuse he used to get his hands on my scrapbooking goodies.)

Next up for daddy, we are going to make his favorite treat…raspberry squares.