Handmade Costumes Series by The Train to Crazy {The Lorax Mustache Tutorial}

Today I have the honor of being one of the stops for The 3rd Annual Handmade Costumes Series created by Andrea from The Train to Crazy and Go To Patterns.


I started making my kids Halloween costumes two years ago when they requested to be one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eaters. Then last year they dressed up as characters from their favorite movie, The Lorax. These costumes are by far the most favorite thing I have ever made and I cannot wait to start making this years costumes.
spring 2012-fall 2012 1566 copyToday I will be sharing a tutorial for The Lorax Mustache. I wish I had a tutorial for the complete costume but it was one of those times when I just made it up as I went along. But in all honesty, the costumes are very simple in design. I just used their snowsuits as a guide and made adjustments where needed. I made The Lorax’s Mustache more like a wand. I knew that my little girl would not want all that fur near her face for the night and it ended up being the right choice.

spring 2012-fall 2012 1539

Materials Needed:

*Yellow feather duster (I purchased mine at Walmart)

*Wooden cake dowel or any other small dowel will work

*String or twin

*Hot glue gun


*Small piece of craft foam or felt

*Small scrap piece of orange fur fabric or any other scrap piece of orange fabric. Start by holding your feather duster in one hand and twirl it in the opposite direction of how the metal is twined. You want to unwind the meal piece. Of course you could also cut the metal. I just couldn’t find our metal clippers at the time. It is a little difficult to do, so just take your time.You want to pull out little sections at a time. Then line up a few of the sections in a row. Place a piece of string underneath the middle part of the duster pieces and then tie them in a knot.This is what your pieces should look like now. Make another section about the same size as your last one. Set aside and gather a piece of crafting foam or felt. Cut a little piece about 1″ by 4″. Now take the two little duster pieces and glue them on top of your foam close to the edges.Gather your dowel and hot glue your orange scrap piece of fabric around it to hide the dowel inside.Fold in any raw edges if need be.Now take and glue your covered dowel onto the middle part of the piece of craft foam. Add a few more sections of the duster to the craft foam.Now take a few little duster pieces and tie like so. Use these pieces to over up the middle section as needed.Trim if needed, especially where the nose is going to be. And there you have it, The Lorax mustache. spring 2012-fall 2012 1544 copyspring 2012-fall 2012 1537 copy

The Once-ler, The Lorax and a Brown Bar-ba-loot {Handmade Halloween Costumes}

Yes, I know that Halloween was like over 2 months ago (and yes I am totally backdating this post) but I just had to share these pictures with all of you. You have already seen The Lorax and Brown Bar-ba-loot costumes and my little guy’s Once-ler costume but you never did get to see them all together.The little brown bar-ba-loot is my favorite costume in the bunch! I know orange is my favorite color and all, but those big ears are just the cutest things ever!They were so fun to watch all dressed up and reacting scenes from the movie. Even though they took me weeks to make it was worth every minute! I’m just hoping that next year for Halloween they do not want to be anything that requires fur fabric.

Halloween 2011

Halloween snuck up on us this year.

We didn’t carve any pumpkins and the decorations were thrown together at the last minute.

But it was one of the funnest Halloweens yet. We walked to the neighbors houses before it was too dark.

Then hopped into the car for the rest of our treating.Their favorite treat of the night were oranges from Grammy’s house.
But getting candy was not the best or the most memorable part of the night.
Piling into the car and sitting on the floor in between stops was by far the highlight of the night. But our stop at Grampa’s was a close second.
My littlest is still searching for that lost pop.
And they are already planning out their costumes for next year. I’m just hoping its nothing as hairy as this years.

Monster Munch.

How many of you have tried Moose Munch from Harry and David? Well if you haven’t, it is delish! We were just introduced to it a few weeks ago and I have been dreaming of it ever since. So for Halloween I decided to make Monster Munch, my homemade twist on that oh so yummy Moose Munch. Instead of making those chocolate clusters I used this recipe found here for making Halloween bark. I followed her recipe but just mixed up the treats that I put into mine.

It was super easy to make and is definitely a step up from the regular trail mixes that I usually make. Just imagine, all those flavors in just one bite… YUM!
Then I made some kettle corn and added a little candy corn in with Halloween bark and the Monster Munch was complete.
Yes it’s a bit different from the Moose Munch, but still oh so yummy…and plus it was homemade!

Now it is just waiting for all those little monsters to arrive tonight!

He was a…

Just a little sneak peek at what this momma has been making while rocking out to this.

embrace the camera {halloween 2010}

Today’s embrace the camera is all about Halloween, but today we are not thinking about Halloween one bit. We are all about celebrating a special little girls birthday.

Today this little chick-E of mine turns 2!

Every year when we pick the pumpkins from our patch I dream of beautifully carved pumpkins all lit up surrounding our porch and every year I realize that the kids have more fun playing with the pumpkins then carving them. So our pumpkins are usually carved with a hole saw and adorned with nails and screws. AHH, so not cute and definitely not what I envisioned, but the kids loved it and that is all that matters.

Doesn’t everyone carve their pumpkins with hole saws, hammers and a sharpie marker?

My son decided on the costumes this year. He wanted to be a skunk and his sisters be chickens. Cute right? Well actually, he wanted to be a skunk so he could spray his sisters. He came up with the idea from the skunk that was visiting our chickens on a nightly basis. Really, he does love his sisters. And NO, I did not make these. I was lucky enough to borrow them from my sister in law. I may be crafty, but I’m cheap!

She loved her costume, but she loved her little loot bag even more.

We made it to 6 houses this year!
I loved how her little hands were not going to let go of her loot bag.

But, the best part of Halloween night is when the cousins stop by. We always wait (im)patiently wondering what they are going to be. My sister in law made the cookies and milk, how cute right?

This pretty much explains the rest of our night.

Our treats.

This year we will be handing out homemade candy corn trail mix.

And some of the cutest paper doll printouts I have ever seen!

I found these over at babalisme. She has a ton of free printables on her blog and some great party ideas too. You should see the printables she has for Christmas. I know I will be printing some of those off too!

I printed out a girl and boy halloweenie for each of my nieces, sewed up a cute little bag, and put in a pair of scissors. And of course I had to add a little tag on the bags. I found the cute little ghost tags over at the crafting chicks blog.

Happy Halloween to all of you!

trick or treat loot bag tutorial

Materials needed:
*1 Bandanna
* Scrap fabric if you want a contrasting color inside of bag.
* Ribbon / fabric for the handles / or cotton webbing

I used 2 bandanna’s to make 4 loot bags. I bought these from Walmart. How cute are they and they only costs $.99 each!

1. Fold bandanna in half and then half again, so it makes a square.

2. Trim off the right, left and top edges of bandanna. Make sure bottom is still a folded edge. You will end up with two pieces.

3. Cut contrasting fabric the same size as the cut bandanna’s. Or if you are making one bag use the other half of the cut bandanna.

4. With right sides folded together, sew on the right and left sides of both the bandanna and the contrasting fabric.

5. Measure 1 1/2″ up and 1 1/2″ over and cut.

6. Open cuts, line up to make straight edges and sew shut. This will give the bag shape.

7. Fold bandanna right side out and leave contrasting fabric wrong side out.

8. Place bandanna inside of contrasting fabric with right sides facing.

9. Sew all around top of fabrics leaving a 3″ space to turn bags out.

10. Pull bags right side out and iron.

11. Top stitch around top of bag.

12. Add a ribbon or I used cotton webbing per my sons request. I would have liked some cute little fabric handles.

That’s it!

A cute little trick or treat loot bag!

It’s a super quick and easy project. It took us about 1/2 hour from start to finish. The whole project went great with the exception of my little girl stepping on the foot peddle and causing the thread to get jammed.

Wanna win a Halloween bib?

I have two Halloween bibs leftover from last year.

So, let’s have a giveaway!

To enter, just leave me a comment telling me what you or your kiddo is going to be for Halloween. Oh, and since I have two bibs, two winners will be chosen.

Giveaway ends October 18th.