Guest Post from The Cards We Drew.

So I’m on the mend and cannot wait to get behind that sewing machine of mine! While recovering from surgery I spent way too many hours watching trashy tv and design shows on Netflix. Really, I’m embarrassed to admit how many I watched, but I did get a ton of inspiration from some of them. I never knew how many design related shows there were out there. So as you can imagine I have so many new designs I want to create and cannot wait to start creating them.

I know my blog has been really quiet lately, so today I have a blog swap to share with all of you from The Cards We Drew…enjoy! Thanks again Abbey for inviting me to swap blogs for the day with you.

Hey everyone! I’m Abbey from The Cards We Drew.

My blog is The Cards We Drew and it is kind of a montage to my life. I LOVE crafting, party planning, DIYing, but I also like talk about my family, my feisty little redheaded toddler, weight loss and working out, and more. I consider myself a blogger that kind of dabbles a little in all different areas and I write about what I love and what I’m into at the moment.

You can find me each week contributing at I Heart Nap Time with her Top 20 Sundae Scoop post and also contributing once a month at Craft-O-Maniac (first post is March 21st). I also am the blogger for the Etsy party printables shop, DimplePrints, which is my go to source for all my parties! So yes, I’m busy blogging, but I love every minute of it and definitely consider it a passion.

Here’s some of my favorite and more recent projects so you can get a better sense of what I like to do!

Love Sweet Love Bridal Shower

And I also am in the middle of completing a craft room makeover that has taken me quite a while to complete, but that I cannot wait to debut!

I have a Project Gallery page where you can check out some of my different projects.

I hope you’ll stop by The Cards We Drew sometime to say hello and 100x thanks to Christina for having me here today!

xoxo, Abbey

Thanks again Abbey and I cannot wait to see the reveal of your craft room. I LOVE that color!

New Years ReSEWlutions with Me Sew Crazy

I’m over at Me Sew Crazy today as part of her New Years ReSEWlutions series.
I’m sharing my tutorial for this Anthropologie inspired toddler bed comforter that I made for my little girl. It was a great way to kick off the New Year and to finally start checking off those projects on my list.

How to make burp cloths with piping {tutorial}

This is a tutorial I first posted over at Nature’s Heirloom as part of her baby series. Now im reposting it here for those of you that missed it the first time. I know there are a ton of tutorials out there for burp cloths, but these are a little different due to the piping around the edges. I love the sweet little rounded edges that the piping gives these burp cloths. Plus I love the size of these burp cloths. Since all three of my kiddo’s were breastfed and hardly spit up, I didn’t need a huge burp cloth. But what I needed was a little cloth to keep on hand for little dribbles or for those nursing accidents. If you prefer a larger cloth, just cut your fabrics out to the desired size and then follow the same directions for sewing the piping on. Just keep in mind that if you are going to make a larger cloth you might need more piping then one package. Now, let’s get started!
Baby Burp Cloths with Piping Tutorial
(allow 1-2 hours to complete a set)

Materials Needed:
*one large piece of cotton fabric, flannel and minky fabric all measuring about 14″ x 10″
*one package of piping (will make 2 cloths that are 12″ x 8 1/2″)

Start by making a template by taping two pieces of card stock together. Measure so that the length of the two pieces are 12″ long when taped together. Now round all of the corners. Take your piece of cotton fabric and lay it right side up and trace around the template onto the right side of fabric. Add your tag now. Open the package of piping and cut the piping in half to give you two pieces of piping. Make you only do this if you are making two burp cloths this size. If you are going to make on larger burp cloth do not cut the piping. Now start pinning the piping in place and make sure you pin a lot! You want the raw edge of the piping to be lined up with the line you just traced with your template. Overlap the piping like shown below when you get to that point. You want to make sure that you do not leave and raw piping edges showing. Now gather the minky fabric and flannel. It is time to assemble all three pieces of fabric together. Layer with flannel on the bottom, then minky fabric right side up and then place the cotton fabric on top with right side down. Pin all three pieces in place. Here is a closer look of how the fabrics should be lined up. Change to a zipper foot and move your needle so that it is even with the edge of your foot and will line up right against the piping. When sewing, make sure that you take your time and sew right against the edge of the piping, just make sure not to sew into the piping. You wont be able to see the piping underneath the top piece of fabric so just take your time here and always make sure the edge of your foot is right against the piping underneath. You will be able to feel where the piping is with your sewing foot. Sew all around the burp cloth, but make sure to leave a 1 1/2″ opening for turning right side out. Trim off the excess fabric and leave the opening a little longer then the rest of the trimmed edges. This will make the opening easier to fold in and sew shut. Don’t forget to use your lint roller and get rid of all the excess lint, especially when working with minky. Now turn right side out and iron flat. Now change back to your regular foot or you can just adjust your zipper foot so that you are top stitching close to the edge. Top stitch as many times as you would like. I usually top stitch mine two times. And now your finished! See the pretty little piping edges? I think it gives the burp cloths a professional and clean looking edge.

**Please feel free to use this tutorial for your personal sewing projects. You may link this to your blog and use any photo’s. Just please be kind and give credit where credit is due.**
Any questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me. If you make one using this tutorial, please add it to my flickr group. I would love to see it and you just might see it featured on my blog someday!

Ruffled Maxi Skirt {Tutorial}

Just in case you missed this a few weeks ago over at Me Sew Crazy.

Ruffled Maxi Skirt Tutorial

(allow about 3 hours to complete)

Materials Needed:

*3-4 yards of white cotton knit (medium weight or light weight).
The skirt above was made with 3 yards of medium weight cotton knit and the skirt below was made with lightweight cotton knit. I personally like the looks and feel of the lightweight fabric better, but they didn’t have any at the fabric store. And just to give you an idea on how much fabric you may need to buy, I am a short size 8 and 3 yards of fabric was just enough and would recommend buying more fabric if you want the ruffles to be more ruffled or if you want more then 4 rows of ruffles.

*1 yard of wide anti-roll elastic for the waist band (of course buy more elastic depending on the size of your waist band needed.)

Use any long A-Line skirt that you already have as your template. Fold the knit fabric so that you are cutting out two pieces at the same time with same sides facing. Sometimes it is hard to tell with knits which side is which and it really doesn’t matter which side you pick as the right side, just make sure that you keep using that same side as your right side. I realized after making my first skirt that since the edges are not finished they roll in a certain direction depending on the direction of the knit. So just try and keep track of the same sides.

Cut all around the skirt giving yourself an extra 1/2″ all around the skirt for a seam allowances.

You now have 2 pieces for the main skirt. With the right sides already facing pin in place and sew both sides.

Turn right side out.

Now let’s determine where to put the ruffles. I decided to have 4 rows of ruffles spaced out evenly every 8″. To figure this out I measure the length of the skirt and divided it by 4, the # of rows that I wanted to have on my skirt. Of course you can make the distance between your ruffles further or closer together. But just so you know, if you want to make more then 4 rows of ruffles you will need more then 3 yards of fabric. Start at the top of the skirt and measure down 8″ and draw a line horizontally around the skirt, front and back. This is will be your guide when sewing the ruffles onto the skirt. Measure down another 8″ and draw your lines horizontally around the skirt again. Now repeat two more times. Set skirt aside.

Now it is time to make the ruffles. Take the remainder of your fabric and fold it so that you can cut long strips of fabric that are 9 1/2″ wide or whatever width you have decided to have the ruffles. I used almost the whole remainder of my fabric in making my strips. Remember to keep track of the right sides and cut the fabric in the same direction. Set fabric aside for now and grab your skirt.

If you want your ruffles closer or further apart that is fine. Just make sure that you cut your ruffles 1 1/2″ wider then the distance you decided to have between each row. This way you will not see the top of your ruffles in each row. I just think it looks much better this way.

Now let’s figure out how long to make each ruffled piece. Start by measuring the bottom line on your skirt. Take that # and multiply by 2, that will give you the total distance around your skirt at that point. Now add 30″ to that #. The extra 30″ is so that you can make your fabric ruffle. Of course you can make your ruffles tighter or looser then I did, just make sure that you add the same amount of fabric to each row. That way your ruffles will all look the same.

For example: The last horizontal line on my skirt measured 24″. Then I doubled that # to give me the total distance around the skirt at that point which gave me 48″. Then I added the extra 30″ to make the ruffle. So I ended up with a piece of fabric 78″ long by 9 1/2″ wide.

Measure out one piece of fabric that is the size you just determined above. My piece was 78″ x 9 1/2″. Sew right sides together.

Turn right side out.

Now make it ruffle by sewing along the top of fabric with a long stitch. Pull one of the threads until it ruffles evenly all around. Now measure the remaining 3 rows and make ruffles for each the same way you just did above.

For example: my next three rows measured 76″ x 9 1/2″, 70″ x 9 1/2″ and 64″ x 9 1/2″. Now line up all of ruffles on their rows to make sure they all line up correctly.

Start with the longest ruffled piece and turn it wrong side out. Place your skirt inside of the ruffled piece and line up your ruffled piece onto the bottom line like so. Make sure that the wrong side of the ruffle is on the outside and right sides of ruffle and skirt are facing. Pin ruffle in place.

Sew ruffle in place using a zig-zag stitch. This will give your ruffle a little extra stretch. Now fold ruffle down. Now take the next longest ruffle and place it onto the next line up. Make sure right sides are facing and wrong sides of the ruffle are facing out. Pin and sew in place.

Repeat with the third ruffled piece.

Your skirt should now have 3 rows of ruffles sew in place. Gather the elastic for the waist band. Measure your waist to see how long to cut the piece of elastic. I like to slightly pull on the elastic when measuring around my waist so that the elastic stretches a little bit when it sits on my hips. I don’t want my waist band floating on top of my hips, but do what works best for you. My elastic was cut 30″ long. Zig-zag stitch the elastic shut.

Now take the last ruffle (right sides out this time) and line it up to the top edge of the skirt.

Now take your elastic band and place it on top of the ruffled piece. So it will be layered like so: A-line skirt (right sides out), ruffle (right side out) and then elastic on top. Pin all three layers in place. Zig-zag stitch all three layers together. If you need to, slightly pull on the elastic so that all three layers line up while being sewed together. Now lay your skirt flat and fold up the bottom ruffle. Trim off the extra fabric from the A-Line skirt underneath.

Now your finished! The perfect skirt for those hot summer days.

How to make a kite from a garbage bag {Tutorial}

A little over a month ago I shared a tutorial over at U Create with kids on how to make a kite from a garbage bag. It is so quick and easy to make your own kite, all you need is a few materials and a windy day.

Garbage Bag Kit Tutorial
(allow 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete)
Materials Needed:
*2 skinny wooden dowels from the hardware store
*1 garbage bag
*duck tape
*ribbons and string Cut one of the dowels 21″ long and keep the other dowel full length for now. Take the 21″ dowel and center horizontally it onto the larger dowel 9″ down from the top of the longer dowel. My dowel ended up being 10 1/2″in from the sides when centered. Secure the dowels in place by wrapping string or ribbon around the dowels in the middle. Make sure that they make a straight cross and are as even as possible. Take and lay your garbage bag flat on the floor. Place your cross on top of the bag. You want the top of your cross to be even with the top of your bag. Mark your wooden dowel where you want to cut the excess part off. I wanted to cut the drawstring part off from my kite, so I measure just above where the drawstring area stopped and cut my dowel there. Cut the dowel with a pair of sharp kitchen scissors. Should look like this now.

Take some duck tape and tape it around all of the edges of the dowels. This will keep the dowels from making holes into your kite.
Now lay the cross onto the bag. Measure to make sure you have it evenly spaced on the sides and as close to the top of the bag as possible. Tape the dowel in place at the edges of each of the dowels.
Now take and fold the top edges of the garbage bag in. Try and keep them neatly folded and even. Place tape on the front.
And fold it over neatly, like so.
Repeat with the other side of the kite.
Your kite should look like this now.
Cut off the drawstring part if your bag has one.
Tape the bottom of the bag.

Tie some ribbons onto the bottom of the kite.

Tie a piece of string or ribbon onto the kite just above the center of the cross. Wait for a windy day and enjoy!

Come visit me at Me Sew Crazy today!

I’m so excited to be over at one of my favorite blogs today…Me Sew Crazy! And I’m actually kinda surprised (and a little nervous) that Jessica is actually allowing me to sit one of her “babies!” Her sewing skills are AMAZING and she continues to impress me with every post. And in all honesty, if it wasn’t for Jessica and her amazing tutorials I never would have started sewing clothes. She inspired me to step out of my comfort level and try something new and this was one of those creations.
So head on over to Me Sew Crazy to see how make your own ruffled maxi skirt and while your there peruse through her amazing tutorials, because I promise you will be inspired too!

Lots of fun news.

First off I want to thank my buddy Amy over at Buggie and Jellybean
I was the winner of her blog-o-versary giveaway and scored some major loot…I mean major loot! Thanks girl you already know how much I love your blog and think you are one amazing girl! And if you haven’t been to Amy’s blog yet…whatcha waiting for? She always knows of the coolest blogs, cutest etsy stores, and is one crafty-sweet momma ta boot!

And speaking of crafty and sweet mommas, I’m over at Natures Heirloom today to partake in Nikki’s mini people series. She is due with her 3rd little one any day now and is dedicating the next few weeks to celebrating all things baby. So head on over to check out what I’m sharing today. And while your there take some time to peruse Nikki’s blog. It is super cute and filled with lots of crafty eye candy!

And lastly, this part of our the house is all wired, framed and is being spray foamed today! I’m trying not to get too excited since i know we are still months away from moving in, but it’s still exciting nonetheless!

Fat Quarter Friday {Guest Post from Suburbs Mama}

I’m so excited to have Rita from Suburbs Mama here today! When I first stumbled upon Rita’s blog I was shocked by the amazing dress refashions and skirts she makes. I’m still such a newbie to sewing clothes and was immediately drawn to how detailed her tutorials are and how she makes refashioning look so easy and actually doable. Here are a few of her creations that I’m loving, to see more head on over to her blog.

Hi! I am Rita from suburbsmama. I was thrilled when Christina asked me to do a guest post on Fat Quarter Friday. I absolutely love her blog and everything she makes.
Today I am going to show you how to make a elastic waist, color blocked children’s skirt.
(my daughter is a 4T):

OK, lets get started!

Take your 2 pre-shrunk fat quarters (you need two coordinating prints):

Measure your little girl and determine how long you wanted the skirt to be. Then add 2 1/2 inches to that, then cut off the access (there is a longer side to a fat quarter, that will be the waist, the shorter side is the length):

Then you need to divide your fabric squares into 3 even sections each. (6 1/2 inches wide):

Cut them all, now you should have 6 pieces:

Next you need to pin them all together (alternating the print):

Here is the wrong side all pinned:

Here is how the right side looks all pinned:

Sew all the sections together:

Then when you have sewn all of the pinned sections, put the last to ends together and sew:

Next, you need iron open all of the seams:

Ok, now we need to make a elastic casing, fold and iron down a half inch:

Then fold and iron an inch :

Sew the casing, leaving about 2 inches open:

Insert your elastic:

Once you have pulled your elastic all the way through, over lap the two ends about an inch and sew and back stitch a few times:

Then stretch the elastic and sew the casing closed:

Next, we need to create a hem, fold and iron a half inch:

Then another half inch:

Sew the hem:

At this time I attached my label (optional):

All Done:

I made a matching shirt with some of the scraps:

Come and visit me at Suburbsmama
Thanks for joining us today Rita! This is the most perfect little outfit for this weekend. Happy Fourth of July!

Come visit me over at UCreate with kids today.

I’m over at UCreate with kids today!
I was so honored when Becky asked me to join her and her readers today. Head on over and see what took us three tries to get it right. It was not because it was hard to make. Our first try was lost due to my computer not wanting to upload all of my photo’s. Our second try, well let’s just say this momma was not paying attention and the baby got a hold of it. But our third time was a charm! It was definitely one of those crazy momma days!
So head on over to UCreate with kids to see our masterpiece, cuz I deserve an award just for getting this one done!

*yellow and grey*

I’m guest posting over at craftaholics anonymous today!
Come join me.

And here are some beautiful tulips my sister in law dropped off the other day. Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have 4 wonderful sisters?! I not only married the most amazing man that day, but I was also blessed with 4 amazing sisters!

Yellow and grey *SWOON*