Welcome to the first friday of fat quarter friday!

Every friday I will be posting tutorials for projects that can be made by using those cute little fat quarters that everyone loves, yet aren’t exactly sure what to do with. Some projects we will be making will require one fat quarter to be used, while some other projects will require the use of a few fat quarters. You may also need to use some batting or stabilizer with some of our projects, along with some other crafty items that you probably already have on hand. I’m guessing that we will be finding some non-sewing projects to use up those fat quarters on. What if you don’t have any fat quarters? Don’t fret, you can use whatever fabric you have on hand, it just has to be big enough to cut the required pieces out of. So no, you wont have to go out and specifically buy fat quarters to make our projects. But if you are looking for a good excuse to buy some new fabric, then by all means, use fat quarter friday as your excuse, I’ll be the last person to judge you!

So before we get started with fat quarter friday, I had a few people confused on what a fat quarter was. Well we can’t have fat quarter friday if you don’t know what a fat quarter is right? And for those you that already know, just hang in.
Below is a picture of a yard of fabric that was cut straight from the bolt. This is what it looks like when you buy a yard of fabric in the store.

(Selvage edges are the edges that are cut in the store.)

A yard of fabric usually measures 36″ x 44″ but may vary depending on the type of fabric.

Here is a 1/2 yard of fabric.

A 1/2 yard of fabric is the same width as a yard of fabric but the length is 18″.

So here we have the fat quarter

A fat quarter is the result of cutting a yard of fabric into four pieces. Most fat quarters are 18″ x 22″ but will vary depending on the type of fabric. You can see now how a fat quarter is perfect for creating small projects.

So now that we all know what a fat quarter is, let’s get to the real reason we are here… a ruffled wristlet tutorial!

my handmade Christmas presents

As I write this post I am still working on finishing the last of my Christmas presents, that’s right, Christmas is not over in this house yet. One more apron to go! The week before Christmas all the girls in this house had nasty colds and one little baby with croup. So I went a whole week with nearly any sleep and not sewing a single thing. Thankfully, I have some very understanding friends and family. You know making most of your Christmas presents is way harder then just buying them from the store. So thanks guys for understanding! So here are a few of the gifts that were given away this year for Christmas.

Casserole carrier using melon from the Meadowsweet collection.

**Quick question: Would you think differently of me if you knew that I carried my casserole dish to Christmas dinner wrapped in aluminum foil? That’s right, I do not have a casserole carrier of my own!**
Velour terry cloth dish towels.
And lots of aprons! This was year that lots of little ones were getting their first kitchen sets and NEEDED an apron to go along with it.

This is one of my favorites! First of all, you know my love for orange, but also I love this plaid fabric from Michael Miller! Hope it makes a little nephew of mine happy.

So, am I the only one still working on their Christmas presents?

Toddler dress turned momma apron (refashioning)

I was at the local thrift store a few days ago and saw the cutest toddler dresses (tags still on them) for major CHEAPO, we are talking 3 dresses for 50 cents! What a steal! Not able to pass them up I thought I could either give them to my nieces or save them til my girls got bigger. But when I got home and with further inspection I realized just how much fabric there was on that toddler dress. So I quickly realized that these would make the best aprons for… us mommas or really, any adult!

I really wish I would have taken before pictures but I didn’t. Both dresses were size 4 or 5 toddler. One buttoned up the front and one button up the back. I simply cut high on the waist, both dresses just happened to empire style dresses, so they had the high waist, giving them a longer apron. Then I just simply did what I did in this tutorial for the baby dress turned toddler apron here.

All I added was the red tie on the top for the waist and the bottom red ruffle. The toddler dress already had the layer of gingham and some ric rac. I think that is what I love most about this apron. It has a few different layers and little embroidered flowers on the gingham. I used white thread when top stitching on the red fabric and just love how it looks. This one is going to my sister in law that has a sage green and red kitchen. I even have enough scraps left over from the dress to make my niece a little matching apron.

Here is the other dress, turned momma apron… this momma’s apron, maybe? I’m having a hard time wanting to part with this one. I just LOVE it. I don’t know what it is about this one, I just wanna keep it for ME! On this apron all I did was make the tie on the top using 1 fat quarter. I didn’t add anything else, I just thought it was simply perfect as it was.

I still cannot believe how perfectly the tie and the dress match. You never would have known it was a dress to begin with.

So, is it bad if I keep it for myself? Would ya think any different of me?

So there you go another quick and easy gift. Or a great way to use up your little ones outgrown dresses.

Embellished dish towels and fat quarter aprons

Here is what I have been making for Christmas.

Some fabric embellished dish towels.

Just use your fabric scraps and dress up your basic white dish towels. Just make sure you use some nice quality absorbent ones. I bought these at OSJL this summer and stocked up. For 4 dish towels they were only $2.99 each. What a steal! Yes, I bought all they had in sight. The hubby never understood why I was buying some many of them… until now!

I made up a little drawstring bag to put the dish towels in. This makes a great gift and is fairly cheap and easy to make.

A fat quarter apron for the little ones.

All it takes is two fat quarters or some fabric scraps.

So that is just a peek of what I have been making for Christmas, what have you been making?