It has character.

I’m one of those wives that will attempt to make or fix something instead of waiting for the hubby to get home. I’m too impatient to wait and would rather try it myself and fail, than never have attempted it in the first place. I inherited this gene from my mom. There are times when the hubby has come home to find a big ole mess and has had to bail me out. And there are times when I have spent hours doing something that would have taken him a few minutes to do. And occasionally, there are times when something just comes out good just by chance. This was one of those times.

My hubby said he would make me a locked box for the farm stand so the punks could no longer steal from me, but I could not wait another day, let alone another minute. I needed a money box and I needed it now. So I got some wood scraps, a saw and my hammer. While the kiddo’s were taking a nap this momma was building.
About 2 hours later I was staring at this wonky looking box of mine thinking that I should have waited for my hubby to get home. But instead of giving up, I kept working at it. Yes, a good coat of paint would cover up most of my oopses…hopefully.
And after a few coats of paint my wonky little money box was looking much better.
It has character. None of the sides are even. There are holes where there shouldn’t be. Gaps where there shouldn’t be. And a nail sticking out the back. And yes, a distressed paint job that went all wrong. However, I cant help but like it! I think its because I made it myself. Its perfectly imperfect and it has character. And looks like it just belongs in my farm stand.
It still bothers me that I have to have a locked box in my farm stand and that there are dishonest people in the world.
But the more I think about it, I would be doing wrong by not teaching my kiddos about these people, even though I am raising them to be honest individuals.

Sorry I’m a little late on this one…

Giveaway winner was #15
Adriane said…These are lovely! I think my favorites are the white and pink chrysanthemum rings…so cute!

Congratulations Adriane, I will be sending you an email shortly!

And besides this little munchkin, the exciting news around here is that our little farm stand is open for business!

The garden is overflowing with fresh veggies and needs picking everyday. We are already getting waaay more fresh veggies then this little family of ours can consume. So whatever we don’t eat ourselves goes straight into the farm stand. Each year my goal is to make enough money to pay for next years seeds and plants. But really, I’m just happy that nothing is going to waste. It is actually amazing how many customers I have on a daily basis. But I guess when you sell cukes for 10 cents you are bound to get some business. I even have a few customers that like to stop by before I pick the garden to place their orders. So if I’m not crafting and blogging as much as I normally do then this is why. Veggies this beautiful cannot go to waste and a farm stand this cute needs to be well stocked!

now picking…

10 ears of corn were consumed by the two of them in the matter of minutes.

THIS makes all the hard work that comes along with having a garden so worth it! There is nothing sweeter then watching them play and eat freshly picked veggies in the garden.

Wishing we could share with all of you!

country bumpkin bunting

I LOVE bunting. I love any type of bunting, and every style of bunting. I love how it looks at parties as much as I love it hung in the home. You could say I have a minor obsession with it. The problem is, I have no place to hang it and no parties planned. So whats a bunting obsessed girl to do, but this…

take some baling twine, add a few fabric scraps,

and hang it here…

in my farm stand.

Because you know when people are buying my veggies, they so want to look at bunting, right? At least this has gotten me over my bunting obsession, well, for now.

Fresh Veggies anyone?