Indian Corn Wreath.

I realize that Fall is over for most and Christmas decorating is already underway, but I still wanted to share this little Indian corn wreath that I made a few weeks ago.
As you can see, it was super easy to make. I just took a bunch of Indian Corn that we grew and hot glued them into a circle on top of an old piece of barn board that we had. It took a total of a 30 minutes to make.
I just love the colors and the rustic feel of it. Plus I love that I can hang it if I want to or just simply stand it upright. Sadly, it will be packed away soon and the Christmas decorations will be brought out.

fall beauty.

I’m not embracing the camera this week, I know your all disappointed by not seeing my face plastered on the screen, but there was no way I was going to capture our life this week and chance my camera getting covered in orange, green, turquoise, and grey paint… with purple shag blanket fuzzies stuck to it. That’s right, I have been painting like a mad woman and putting the finishing touches on the kiddo’s Halloween costumes. So instead I wanted to show you this beautiful fall weather that is quickly leaving us. We have already had threats of snow and these brightly colored leaves are now rust colored and are blanketing the ground.

Why does fall have to be so short?!

Its that time of the year.

Its that time of the year when the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. In a few short weeks we will be getting our first frost. And in a few short days fall will be arriving.

Its my favorite time of the year. The sunflowers are in full bloom and are towering over the cornstalks.
The pears are just about ready to be picked.
And time spent in the garden is getting less.
But we are picking some of my most favorites.
The leaves are beginning to change colors and soon will be falling from the trees and blanketing the grass.
The pumpkins and gourds will be picked soon.

And the snake gourds are as big as they are going to get this year. Its that time of the year that I wish would last forever!

embrace the camera {my lil pumpkins}

A little fall fun in the leaves at Grammy’s house.

For the past few years I have been taking the biggest pumpkin from our patch, hollowing it out, and sticking the baby in it for some pictures. We knew before I even started carving that pumpkin that our littlest pumpkin just wasn’t going to fit. That’s alright, we love her chubbs and all!
Of course our missy girl had to get in on the action.

Oh those toes are scrumptious!
A picture of me and my little girl, thanks to my niece that is the BIGGEST camera hog eva!

Just because it was so beautiful. And I’m wishing these days never end.