Giveaway from my new etsy shop.

After much debate I decided to open my etsy shop again. But this time instead of selling my handmade baby items I will be selling some cabochon jewelery. I have had such great feedback and requests for selling them, so why not. Hopefully in the near future my shop will turn back into what 2 little hooligans first was…selling accessories for baby and mom. And who knows maybe someday I will have two etsy shops. I really never ever would have thought that I would be reopening my etsy shop to sell jewelery, but here I am. Funny how life changes our plans sometimes, isn’t it?

So If you like cabochon jewelery as much as I do, please check out my etsy shop.
Then come back here and tell me what your favorite item was.
Because I will be giving away any item currently in my shop to one lucky winner.

And just in case you were wondering, all of my jewelery will come neatly packaged in a sweet little homemade drawstring bag…because I just can’t help sewing something.
Hope you all can find something you would love to wear!

Giveaway ends July 21st, 2011.

My headbands.

I have had a lot emails wondering about the headband that I was wearing in this picture.
No I did not make them, but thanks for thinking that I could knit something that nice, or maybe they are crocheted…yeah, I’m not sure which. I guess I better stick with sewing. Anyways, I purchased them from LJ Stitches Boutique on etsy. I just checked and she still has some in her shop, although the ones I bought were a custom order because I wanted the flowers to be a little smaller then the size she normally sells. My head is pretty small and I didn’t want the flower to be too big. I’m not big into accessories but I usually wear some type of headband, so I thought these would be great to add a little something to my jeans and t-shirt wearing days. They are extremely comfortable to wear and stay in place better then anything I have ever worn before. Plus, since they are completely made out of yarn they are stretchy and won’t give you a headache. One size fits all, so they not only fit me, but my girls too…LOVE that! But mostly I love them because they cover up my huge patch of grey hair that is coming in way too fast. ERR! When do you decide it is time to start dying your hair?

Aren’t they pretty?!

Closing up shop for a bit.

I was hoping to make my 100th sale soon, but instead I’m closing up shop for a bit. For those of you that have already placed custom orders, no worries…I will still be filling them. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be back to my old sewing ways and staying up till the wee hours of the night to sew. But for now, I will be taking it easy while getting ready for 2 birthday parties and hopefully finishing some goodies to share with all of you for fat quarter friday. I am only two super-quick steps away from being able to post that cute organizer this friday, fingers crossed it will get completed. Unfinished projects drive me crazy, not to mention I’m having withdrawals from my sewing machine.

Destashing time again!

Look at what arrived in the mail the other day… some new fabric! Oh they are scrumptious! I don’t know about you, but there is nothing that makes this girl happier then a bunch of new brightly colored fabrics.

Unfortunatley, there was no more room in my drawers for them. So I had to organize that messy scrap drawer of mine and say good-bye to lots of fabric scraps that I love. So if any of you are in need of some scraps they are for sale in my etsy shop right now. I’m asking only $4 or $6 per bag, shipping included. I’m not looking to make any money off them, just looking for a good home for them.

One of the bags is full of little ovals that measure about 4″ by 3 1/2″ each. They are actually the little ovals that are cut out when I making my bibs. I have been saving them for weeks now with the intention of making some fabric bunting, but as you can see, I’m having to say good-bye to them.

Need some fabric scraps?

Head on over to my etsy shop if your interested.


It’s finally time to destash!

I need room for the 50+ yards of fabric I just purchased this weekend.

Here are some of my new fabrics, aren’t they pretty? Oh I just love them!

Needing a place to store all of these I decided to go through all my fabrics and get rid of the ones I no longer use and to part with some of my scraps. I will be listing them in my etsy shop, so if anyone is interested please go check them out. Oh, and I’m only charging for shipping costs and for the box. I’m not looking to make money off these, just looking for a new home for them.

Looking at all those scraps makes me want to keep them! I wish I had the time to make the little doll clothes, key fobs, stuffed owls and wreaths that I was planning on making with them.

Side note: My fabric scraps are all sold, sorry. They actually sold within an hour of posting them on etsy. I guess that is what happens when you post something for free!