embrace the camera {picnics on the old bridge}


We love to go for picnics and it is always fun when we find a new spot to picnic at.

This old bridge is just a few minutes from the house and has been the hot picnic spot this week.But the truth is, we do more running then picnicking there.

There is something about this old bridge that these kiddos just love.I have to admit it is pretty fun running back and forth on it. Sadly that is the most exercise I have had in months.Thankfully I get to be the race announcer more then a competitor. The kiddos are all about racing one another these days.

My little guys new kicks…I so want a pair!And here we are with strawberry stained faces and windblown hair.We’re a pretty tough looking crowd some days. I have always admired those moms that can keep their kiddos clean and orderly all the time. I’m so not one of those moms.

embrace the camera {making bagels and old school toys}

Today is just a normal day.

We spent the morning playing with some new-to-us old school toys that one of our bestie neighbors brought over.

I tried getting some good shots of the little one and I, but all I got was this shot of some old school erector toys. The kids love these toys, thanks bestie neighbor! Isn’t that a pretty yellow though?

Then we decided to try making some bagels and english muffins. For the past month or so we have been making all of our breads instead of buying them at the store to save money, but boy have I really missed my morning english muffins and bagels.

Any of you made homemade bagels or english muffins before? I can already tell they wont be as smooth and round as the store bought ones, but that’s ok with me. I bet they will taste better.
I’ll letcha know how they turn out. They are in the oven right now and they are already smelling delish!

embrace the camera {valentines day 2012}

Valentine’s Day snuck up on us this year, I guess that happens sometimes. Normally we would spend the day make special treats for others, but this year we spent the day playing with balloons and decorating with hearts.

I did manage to make some special heart shaped treats for the kids though.

Our treats were far from being fancy, but the kids would disagree. Funny how anything cut into a heart shape immediately becomes super special. I love that about kids!

Feeling a little guilty about the lack of special treats for the kids I dug-out these crazy glow-in-the-dark shades from the Dollar Store.

They were more fun then anything I could have planned.

This little guy couldn’t get enough of his bee mask. And after 30 minutes of being in the dark and tripping over way too many toys I was so over these masks… and so weren’t the girls.

However, this little boy was still determined to turn off all the lights at any chance he got.

Thank you Dollar Store for such cheap treats and for making our Valentine’s Day more special!

So I haven’t sewn all week. I said I was done working on the house, but I just cant stop! Really, I may have some issues here folks. This past weekend I decided to tackle the mudroom. I finally stained all the wood and then started organizing all of our stuff.

Its almost finished. I’m just waiting to put up a shelf and paint a few things, then I’m done! Yes, I’m so done working on the house…well maybe!

embrace the camera {not too fancy tea parties}

I purchased this cute little tea set a few weeks ago at the thrift store.
At the time I envisioned fun little tea parties with the girls. We would wear pretty little dresses and wear tutu’s. Our hair would be all fancied up with bows and ribbons. We would sip on tea and eat little cucumber sandwiches.
Boy was I dreaming! Instead these are our tea parties. Dress is optional.
And you may even be yelled at if you drink the last cup of tea.
Sandwiches have never been seen on those plates nor have ribbons or bows been seen in our hair.
And that is fine with me. That is not what makes these tea parties special. Just being together and seeing them be themselves is what makes it special…fights and all.
And believe me, there are lots of them. And really they wouldn’t be any cuter with a tutu on and bows in their hair anyways. I guess I just love them the way they are.
Oh and I know I skipped the past 2 weeks of embrace the camera. Told you I was no good with New Year’s resolutions.

embrace the camera {Resolutions}

I make a New Years Resolution every year. Very rarely do I keep them, but I make them nonetheless. However two of my resolutions I am determined to keep this year are to lose weight and to keep up with embrace the camera. Documenting our lives together is so important to me, but for some reason I haven’t been good about taking pictures of myself with the kiddo’s lately. The truth is, seeing this big ole’ body of mine plastered all over my blog makes me cringe. For some reason my camera has decided to add an extra 30 pounds to every picture instead of the normal 10. But really, shame on me! That is not what this is all about. Documenting our lives together is what is important, not how we look in our photo’s. So here we are, back to embracing the camera every week. So sorry, but you are going to be seeing a lot of me again…along with these extra 30 pounds. We spent the morning painting the hallway and mudroom. This picture really does make me chuckle. I thought I was looking pretty bad and then I took a closer look at my little girl. What is up with that hair? And really, don’t you think my kids could actually get dressed once in awhile? Maybe my New Year’s Resolution should be to get the kids dressed daily… NAHH! Even if I do get them dressed in about 10 minutes they are back in their J’s or running around the house naked. Its just a loosing battle.
How many of you make New Year’s Resolutions?

embrace the camera {growing up too fast}

These little kiddos of mine are growing up too fast! I have always tried to embrace each and every stage…even those newborn sleepless nights. I know that someday these little ones of mine will be teenagers and our battles will be much harder then the ones we are faced with right now. Our little 20 month old decided to potty train herself a few weeks ago right in the middle of our flooring marathon and while being sick. Much to me begging her to “just pee pee in your diaper” she was determined and is now wearing big girl undies…even at bedtime. I’m pretty proud of her and in all honesty I cannot take any credit for it, unless you count the insane amounts of trips to the potty room I have made with her.

My little missy girl got her nails painted for the first time last week. She saw me painting my nails and begged for some of her own. So a few minutes later we snuggled on the couch in our J’s while I painted her sweet little fingers for the first time.
And this little boy is a wiz with power tools and hammers, so much so that its kinda scary. But he will tell you like he tells us “I be careful…see. Don’t worry I wont hurt myself!” He spends hours at those benches drilling screws in and taking them out. He is always building something that requires daddy’s help to cut more wood or more tools. He is usually getting in the way and slowing down our progress while chatting non-stop. It can definitely be a challenge sometimes. Working on the house is the easy part…working on the house with the kids around is the hard part. Someday we are going to wish for these days again. I just have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy them a bit more. Its easy for these times to slip away or be wished away too quickly.

embrace the camera {a winter’s day at the beach}

A few weeks ago we had some unseasonably warm weather, so I decided to take advantage of it by taking the kiddos to our favorite beach. It was a bit windy and chilly once we got there and definitely not as warm as I had first thought.
We brought some bread to feed the ducks, but they were no where to be found. They did find a lot of these cute little pine cones though.
Sadly our trip to the beach was a quick one as we all ran to the car as fast as we could.
On the way home we took a little pit stop at a campground to play on their wooden train.
The kids have been begging me to stop there and I can’t blame them, it does look like a lot of fun.

They played on the train for over an hour while I shivered the whole time. I so wished that I was smaller and could have played on it myself, but I’m pretty sure I would have gotten stuck inside some of those carts.
Ok…maybe I actually did get stuck in one of them.
It was worth it and we all got a good laugh. My little girl laughed and told me I was “too big”. Gee THANKS!

So I guess our winter’s day at the beach ended up being a winter’s day on the train.

embrace the camera {not just another picnic}

We love to go for picnics. Sometimes we drive around looking for the perfect spot and sometimes we just drive up the road to picnic close by. It doesn’t matter where we are or what is in that picnic basket…

because it always tastes better when eaten out on a blanket in the middle of a field.
Sometimes we spend hours playing after our picnic is through and sometimes our picnics get cut short by rain. Either way, it makes for a good day… or at least a good moment. As moms, we all know that the perfect days is rare, but perfect moments happen all the time. Just don’t forget to take the time to capture them.
**I want to thank all of you that commented on this post. All of your comments were so kind and it was so nice to read how many of you enjoy reading my blog…THANK YOU!**

embrace the camera {pull the handle…pull the handle}

Thank goodness for embrace the camera this week. I was having one of those days and these pictures just cheered me up! Sometimes I wonder if I was cut out for this job and other days, I just know I was. Gotta have bad days to appreciate the good days right?
So yesterday they chopped the corn field across the street. It’s one of those days we look forward to all year long. Its also one of those days that we stop everything we are doing to sit and watch the tractors drive around and around the field. This year we decided to drive the tractor up to the top of the hill to get a better look and to enjoy the crisp fall air.

We munched on popcorn and apples while we used the pumpkins and gourds as our seats. We spent hours just watching them drive around and around the field. No fighting… just smiles, laughter and lots of snuggling to stay warm. I’m telling ya, days like this don’t happen too often. So I enjoy them to the fullest when they do. Of course my favorite part of the day was watching the kiddo’s jump up and down yelling “pull the handle…pull the handle” every time the trucks drove by. Whoever was driving those trucks sure was great to us and those honks definitely made our day a little more special!

embrace the camera {picking apples and pears in the yard}

Embracing the camera again to capture our days together.