Christmas dresses

I know Christmas is over but I still want to share a few of the things I made. First up are my girl’s Christmas dresses.IMG_4225

I used satin rosette fabric and coordinating satin fabric that I purchased from Isn’t that rosette fabric simply beautiful? My little girls went crazy over it…so did I!


For the bodice I used Mouse House Creations The Caroline Party Dress pattern and then used The Norah Dress pattern for the skirt part.  With all those pretty flowers the skirt part needed to be a simple a-line shape.


I also made some matching headbands to go along with the dresses. My girls loved the headbands but they may not have been the best idea when it came to church. They ended up turning their headbands into spy glasses and every other funny thing they could think of. Mass at night is always a challenge for us and put the excitement of Christmas on top of that you never know what you are going to end up with.


It was my second time working with satin and as much as I love the looks of it I am pretty sure I will not be using it very often. It is a very fussy fabric.


Melly Sews has a great post for working with satin and other fancy fabrics. You can read that post here. I highly recommend you reading it before you wash or start working with your fabrics.

IMG_4264In case you are wondering that is a store bought shirt for my little guy. Next year I must make him something. He definitely gets a lot less handmade goodies then the girls.

Pinafore Summer Dress

I made this cute little pinafore summer dress the other day and now I am wondering why I haven’t made one of these dresses before? They are quicker and easier to make then a peasant dress. This is a great little starter dress or the perfect dress to make when you need a quick gift.

I made this one in about 30 minutes along with some matching bloomers.

I added two button holes on each strap to allow for more growth.
I used a pattern to make mine, but if you are looking for a free tutorial Smashed Peas and Carrots has a great one here.

Girly-Twirly Dresses

I had a lot of little girls to make Christmas gifts for, 12 to be exact. So I decided to make them all the same dresses to make it easier for me. I bought The Twirl Skirt Pattern from Lil Blue Boo and copied her A Party Dress Tutorial. Instead of using cotton fabric for the twirl skirt I used ruffle fabric.
As you can see in the picture below, the ruffle fabric goes in all different directions when cutting it into a circle skirt. I think it adds to the girly-twirlyness of them. Yes they are so sweet and I’m pretty sure that I just made up a word there…girly-twirlyness!

I bought most of my tee-shirts from Walmart or Old Navy. I find they have the best selection of plain tees that can be embellished. And they are very reasonable in cost.
Some of the dresses I added flowers to them, while some I left plain.
I even used a few other fabrics that I had on hand to make each one unique and one of their own.
It was fun making so many different dresses with so many different colors.
I just wish one of these girly-twirly dresses would look as cute on me as they do all those little girls that they went to.

Fat Quarter Friday {Guest Post from Suburbs Mama}

I’m so excited to have Rita from Suburbs Mama here today! When I first stumbled upon Rita’s blog I was shocked by the amazing dress refashions and skirts she makes. I’m still such a newbie to sewing clothes and was immediately drawn to how detailed her tutorials are and how she makes refashioning look so easy and actually doable. Here are a few of her creations that I’m loving, to see more head on over to her blog.

Hi! I am Rita from suburbsmama. I was thrilled when Christina asked me to do a guest post on Fat Quarter Friday. I absolutely love her blog and everything she makes.
Today I am going to show you how to make a elastic waist, color blocked children’s skirt.
(my daughter is a 4T):

OK, lets get started!

Take your 2 pre-shrunk fat quarters (you need two coordinating prints):

Measure your little girl and determine how long you wanted the skirt to be. Then add 2 1/2 inches to that, then cut off the access (there is a longer side to a fat quarter, that will be the waist, the shorter side is the length):

Then you need to divide your fabric squares into 3 even sections each. (6 1/2 inches wide):

Cut them all, now you should have 6 pieces:

Next you need to pin them all together (alternating the print):

Here is the wrong side all pinned:

Here is how the right side looks all pinned:

Sew all the sections together:

Then when you have sewn all of the pinned sections, put the last to ends together and sew:

Next, you need iron open all of the seams:

Ok, now we need to make a elastic casing, fold and iron down a half inch:

Then fold and iron an inch :

Sew the casing, leaving about 2 inches open:

Insert your elastic:

Once you have pulled your elastic all the way through, over lap the two ends about an inch and sew and back stitch a few times:

Then stretch the elastic and sew the casing closed:

Next, we need to create a hem, fold and iron a half inch:

Then another half inch:

Sew the hem:

At this time I attached my label (optional):

All Done:

I made a matching shirt with some of the scraps:

Come and visit me at Suburbsmama
Thanks for joining us today Rita! This is the most perfect little outfit for this weekend. Happy Fourth of July!

Newborn dress turned toddler apron (refashioning tutorial)

Do you have a ton of newborn baby dresses like me and don’t know what to do with them? Why not do what I did, and turn them into a toddler apron.

Just the other day I was going through my kids drawers and I came across this dress that was a hand-me-down from a friend of mine. I always love getting hand-me-downs and especially from her. I am always guaranteed to get at least a few things from Zutano, and I just love their clothing! This dress was one of my favorites from her. So when I was getting ready to pack it away I decided to use it and make her a little thank you gift instead.

So this is what I started with, a 0-6 month dress from Zutano.

I cut off the sleeves and cut the dress just above the waist. I wanted to keep the gathering that was already there.

I saved the sleeves. There is actually a bit of material there and I’m sure I can make something else with them.

Here is the bottom half of the dress. Luckily, it was a button down dress so I didn’t have to finish off any of the ends or side seams and I kept the buttons and button holes as they were.

I made a waste band/ tie by making a large bias strip. I cut mine about 44″ X 4″. Folded it like above and ironed it.

I made the ends of the tie pointed.

Then I gathered the skirt a little more by sewing on a stitch length of 4 and pulling one thread until bunched.

I pinned the middle of the tie to the middle of the of dress by opening the bias strip 1/2 way and tucking the dress in.

I started sewing at one end and sewed around the whole tie while attaching it to the skirt.

I added a little pocket.

And that was it, a baby dress turned toddler apron!

It was so quick and easy. Just think how sweet your little one is going to look playing in an apron that used to be one of her baby dresses.

I love these little drawstring bags I have been making for my etsy shop. Doesn’t this make the cutest little thank you gift?

Now I can’t wait to see what else I have for dresses so I can turn them into aprons. I can see some great Christmas gifts in the future.