kantha blanket review from uncommon goods

Recently I had the opportunity to review a product of my choice from Uncommon Goods.


Have you ever heard of Uncommon Goods before? If not, it is the perfect time right now…especially with the holidays right around the corner. Their site is full of handmade and personalized gifts as well as fun and unique items I have never seen before. The best part is that half of what is sold on Uncommon Goods is Handmade or created right here in the USA. Plus one-third of their items are made from recycle or upcycled materials. How wonderful is that?! As you can imagine, I had a really hard time choosing what I wanted to review but in the end I decided on this beautiful Kantha Blanket


I chose one of the warm colors in hopes that I would receive a blanket with some orange in it. Well much to my surprise the entire blanket was orange. I was completely thrilled! Kantha blankets are made from strips of saris that are hand stitched together. Once the blanket is piece together they use bright, ticked kantha stitching throughout the blanket to give it the textured look. The fabric itself is very soft and comfy against the skin. I am very pleased with the look and feel of it. It does not look cheap at all and kinda has a vintage look to it. It is a lightweight blanket which is perfect for layering on your bed or for using it in the living room as a throw blanket. I happen to be using mine as a throw right now. I have to say that my favorite part of the whole blanket is that cute little square of contrasting striped fabric.


If blankets are not your thing, that is fine. Uncommon Goods is full of other handmade and personalized items. Here are a few of my favorites.

25483_zoom1 Handmade Lidded Basket25890_zoom1 Wooden Beer Caddy26017_zoom1Reclaimed Wine Barrel Serving Tray23153_zoom1 Personalized Wedding Gift Box25440_zoom12015 Birth Box

Lastly I have to mention all of these kids arts and crafts kits. I am a huge fan of giving crafts to kids. That way they can explore their own creativity and it encourages them to be makers. I think it is so important to encourage to use their minds as well as their hands.

Next time you are looking to purchase a handmade or personalized gift make sure you give Uncommon Goods a chance. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Quechee Gorge

This week my husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. To celebrate we decided to go for a little hike with the kids at Quechee Gorge in Vermont. Below are a bunch of pictures from our trip. It is amazing how fast 10 years can fly by!

IMG_7801 IMG_7809 IMG_7819 IMG_7825 IMG_7828 IMG_7840 IMG_7853 IMG_7855 IMG_7874 IMG_7881 IMG_7849 IMG_7893 IMG_7903 IMG_7906 IMG_7908 IMG_7909

sewing for kindergarten


Today I am participating in Sewing for Kindergarten by Mie from Sewing Like Mad.

SFK 14 logo

Sewing for Kindergarten is a fun little series were we make an outfit for that special little one starting kindergarten. Starting kindergarten is a big deal in this house. We choose not to send our kids to preschool at all so kindergarten is their first experience with school. Below are a few questions that Mie wanted me to answer. It’s been so fun reading through everyone else’s answers.

Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten? If not, what number child is this?
This is my second child starting kindergarten. Next year I will be sending her sister off as well. The worse part about having 3 kids in 3 years is that they all leave home way too quick!

Do you feel like crying or celebrating? And what about your child? I feel like crying for sure…and do! I love having my kids home with me and it feels so weird when they are not around. My little girl is celebrating all the way. She told me the other day that if I get sad and start missing her then I should look at one of her pictures and I would feel better. So then I asked her what would she do if she started missing me. And her answer was that she does not miss me at all. Ouch! Actually I am very thankful that she feels that way. It means that she is ready and she is just fine without me. Its a huge sense of relief. But I do know that she misses me a tiny bit. The way she yells “Momma” and runs off that school bus each day shows me so.

 What type of school (public, private, homeschool) will your child attend?My kids attend public school

What was your own first day of school like? I do not remember a thing about my first day. Actually I don’t remember much about kindergarten other then it was half-day classes…and I peed my pants. Crazy that is all I remember.

IMG_7650 copy

For my little kindergartner I wanted to make something comfy and for the cooler weather that will be arriving soon. My girls are all about comfort and anything that can be paired with tights or leggings, so this is the perfect outfit. IMG_7681 copy

For the top I used The Perri Pullover pattern from Cali Faye. IMG_7631 copy

I used a soft sweatshirt fabric that I had in my stash. I sewed up a size 4 even though she wears a 5/6 right now. And as you can see it is still a little big on her. I have sewn the Women’s Perri Pullover Pattern a few times so I knew that the sizing was very generous. The pattern itself is a very easy to follow and a pretty quick sew. I highly recommend it. IMG_7662 copy

She just loves the top. IMG_7669 copy

For her pants I used the Hosh Pants Pattern from Lou Bee Clothing. This is my fourth time sewing this pattern and I just love it! These pants go together super quick and the sizing is spot on for my kids. The only modification I did to the pants was make them with a ribbed knit waistband.IMG_7670 copy

I used a fun floral print that I had in my stash. The fabric is a decor weight so I cut on the bias to give a little more stretch. IMG_7695 copy IMG_7658 copyIMG_7704 copy

It is still so hard to believe that she is in kindergarten!

IMG_7712 copy

flip this pattern {voting opens today}

If you follow me on facebook or instagram you know that I am competing in the Summer Flip This Pattern over at Frances Suzanne. I shared my “flipped” look over on Frances Suzanne this week and today I am finally sharing it with all of you.


First of all, here is an overview of the Flip This Pattern Series for those of you who have never heard of it before. Basically four Sew-ers were given the same pattern the Ethan Shirt Pattern by Sis Boom to start with. From there we could turn it into whatever we wanted to. All this week we got to have a look at everyone’s “flips” and they were all amazing! Each look is so different and unique but have the same basic pattern in common.  Today the voting finally opens, so head on over here to vote for your favorite look.

Now on to my “flipped” look!

I will admit, I was super nervous to reveal what I made. Flipping patterns is not really my thing and I had so many struggles along the way with this one but in the end, I really like what I came up with. More importantly my little girl LOVES it and that is all that really matters. She loved it so much that she decided to wear it on her first day of kindergarten. Way to make your Momma feel loved right?! Oh and by the way she LOVES school!

IMG_7402 copy copy

As you can see I decided to turn the Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom into a dress for my little girl.

IMG_7434 copyIMG_7418 copy copy

I had to make a lot of changes to the pattern in order to get a well fitting dress for my daughter. Starting with the shoulders I had to adjust the width as well as the armhole a few inches. I also made the back of the shirt under the yoke slightly gathered. I just added a few extra inches to the width of the pattern to allow for the extra gathering and then matched the gathered piece up to the altered yoke piece.

IMG_7441 copy IMG_7443 copy

Then I did the same gathering technique to the front of the dress as well. Since there was no “yoke” piece for the front of the dress I just cut the front of the pattern where I wanted to gathering to be and then added in the seam allowance. I didn’t make any changes to the collar but should have made it a bit larger. It is too tight around my little girls neck and cannot snap it. I should also mention that I used snaps instead of buttons. I am just not a huge fan of buttons on my kids.

IMG_7506 copy

I made a little tie belt as well as added some belt loops to the dress.

IMG_7492 copy

I decided to make some flutter sleeves instead of the long sleeves so that my little girl could wear it now as well as into the cooler months. A cardigan layered over it will allow for wear throughout the seasons.

IMG_7497 copy

 Surprisingly I did not adjust the length of the pattern at all. I happen to love the length and it even looks super cute with a pair of leggings or tights underneath.

IMG_7495 copy IMG_7448 copy IMG_7468 copyIMG_7456 copy copy

 Now make sure you head on over here to vote for your favorite look. Voting is only open until Saturday, August 30 and I know all of us would love to see our “flips” shown a little love!

First day of school

Yesterday was the first day of school. My little girl started kindergarten this year.
14875026610_225e37203e_o copy

While my little guy headed into the second grade. 14875019960_4e3e235dc6_o copy

Both kids loved their first day and I loved all of the stories they had to tell when they got home.
14875023570_dce3b6452c_o copy

tooth fairy pillow

This past weekend my little girl lost her first tooth, so I stayed up late Saturday night making her a tooth fairy pillow.


I had seen these tooth fairy pillows over at The Homemade Home and just fell in love with them. I decided to use the same basic concept for mine but mix it up a little bit.


 My little girl woke up super early Sunday morning to see if the tooth fairy had come. When she saw her pillow hanging on her bed she was excited. She was even kind enough to wake up her sister to show her. The excitement from both of them was so contagious! I wish I could keep it like this for forever!


Of course her favorite part was the magic fairy dust that the tooth fairy left.

IMG_7268 IMG_7267IMG_7274 IMG_7258IMG_7282

baseball 2014

The past month and a half have been filled with baseball non-stop. If we were not at practice or a game, we were outback playing baseball. My son was honestly living for baseball and couldn’t get enough of it! I have to admit, it was super fun and I am really going to miss it too.

IMG_6760 copy 2


IMG_6727 copy
IMG_6731 copy

IMG_6737 copy

IMG_6744 copy

IMG_6759 copy

Sucker Fishing

Last year one of my husband’s cousins brought us sucker fishing and we ended up having a blast. So this past weekend we headed out to see if they were running up stream yet.


It’s fun getting there because you have to walk through the covered bridge in order to get down to the river.


There are lots of big rocks to walk and climb on which is one of the kids favorite part.


The sucker fish were running but they were very sparse.


Daddy searched for awhile before he could catch one. We even got caught in a brief downpour while waiting, but Daddy was determined to catch one for the kids. Luckily hanging out under the covered bridge was a lot of fun.


The girls found a little pool of water with rocks in it and proceeded to fish out every singe rock to stash into their pockets.


When Daddy finally caught a sucker fish we all cheered and ran to check it out.


My little girl of course wanted to keep it, but when we told her that we had to throw it back in so that it could finish swimming upstream to lay its eggs she was OK with it.


We have been told that in years past people used to catch sucker fish by the hundreds in this spot. Then they would salt them in a wooden barrel for storage.

IMG_6608 IMG_6611

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area and that we can catch sucker fish just for the fun of it…and not for survival.

IMG_6612 IMG_6621IMG_6626

Have any of you gone sucker fishing before?

Guest posting over at while she was sleeping

I am guest posting over at While She Was Sleeping today as part of Jenya’s You and Me series.


Head on over here to see what I made for myself as well as my two little girls.

momma’s Little Ballerina’s

I had to share some pictures from my girls ballet recital this past weekend. I can’t help but think they were the cutest little ballerina’s ever!

IMG_6384 copy

IMG_6386 copy

IMG_6390 copy

IMG_6363 copy

IMG_6360 copy

IMG_6399 copy

IMG_6396 copy