Sewing spaces {Lauren Dahl}


Today we have Lauren from Laren Dahl sharing her sewing space with all of us.


I have gotten to know Lauren over the past 6 months and I am so glad. She has been so sweet, helpful and always willing to share her knowledge.  Lauren not only sews and knits some beautiful creations but she also knows a lot about digitizing patterns and working with Illustrator. Below are just a few of my favorites from her site. lauren dahlTwo Hour Cowl, Getting Your Self Drafted Patterns into Illustrator, Falling Flakes, Shades of Me

Lauren is currently getting ready to launch Pattern WorkshopPattern Workshop was founded in 2014 to provide aspiring pattern designers and sewing bloggers the tool they need to succeed in their businesses. Through highly informative videos, downloadable templates, printable checklists and detailed diagrams, students learn to use state-of-the-art software to create high-quality digital products. Pattern workshop will be open for enrollment in mid-May.

So now that we know Lauren a little bit better lets have a little peek at her sewing space.

sewing studio

Pretty amazing isn’t it?! I am loving all the work space she has and that rug is fabulous. Head on over here to see the rest of Lauren’s sewing space.

a diaper bag for a blogging friend

 Over a year ago I promised my sweet blogging friend Vanessa, from Designs by Sessa that if she had another baby then I would make her a diaper bag. Well, that day has come and she is due to have another little boy in about 3 weeks. So a few weeks ago I started working on this diaper bag for her. It was so fun to make and I just knew that she was going to love it…she is just that type of person. Not only is she becoming a new mom to another little boy but she has also been a foster mom to one sweet little girl for many months now. She is such an amazing and giving person and I am so glad that we have been able to connect through our love for sewing…oh and the show The Bachelor. Yup, we both watch The Bachelor…and love it!


I used the Sugar and Spice Bag Pattern from ChrisWDesigns on etsy. I did make a few changes to the pattern because the bag was just a little too small to be used as a diaper bag.  I added about three inches to the width and height. With the bag now finished, I actually wish I would have added a few more inches to the height and maybe made the bottom of the bag a little more wider. It may not be the perfect newborn baby bag but it will be a great baby/toddler bag.


The pattern itself was so easy to follow and very detailed. I highly recommend this pattern. I am actually debating on buying this pattern next. I love all the extra little details that make the bag look more professional. It almost looks store bought. It was the first time I ever made my own piping or used rivets and both were so easy to do and I am wondering why it ever took me this long before trying either one of them.

IMG_5205 copy

The only issue I ran into was with the piping. I had a hard time getting close enough to it when sewing the two fabrics together. I was using my zipper foot and it still seemed to give me a little gap between the piping and the main fabric. I had to sew over the piping many times and slightly push on it before I got it right. I’m wondering if a piping foot makes a difference…any thought or suggestions?


On either side of the bag there are two roomy pockets. They are the perfect size for holding sippy cups, diapers, wipes or even a wallet. Inside of the bag there are three larger pockets on one side of the bag. I also adjusted the height of the pockets here since I adjusted the rest of the bag, but I ended up making them a little too high and of course I did not notice it until the bag was finished. Darn!

IMG_5226IMG_5231 IMG_5253

And because I just couldn’t stop with just making a diaper bag I ended up making a few more items to go along with it. I will show you those next week.


Pattern: Sugar and Spice Bag Pattern by ChrisWDesigns

Fabric: Joel Dewberry Notting Hill Historic Tile Teal & Joel Dewberry Notting Hill Tartan Aquamarine purchased from (affiliate link)

Sewing spaces {Amy from Peek-a-boo pattern shop}


Today we have the talented Amy from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop (affiliate link) sharing her sewing space with all of us. I am pretty sure that all of you know Amy by now and she needs little introduction. Her patterns and creations are everywhere on blogland and pinterest.


Amy’s blog is full of handmade creations, amazing tutorials and a bunch of sew alongs. Below are just a few of my favorites. You have to check out that toddler dream kitchen. It actually has running water. Now that is definitely a toddler’s dream kitchen!

peekabooAmy’s pattern shop, Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop has some of the cutest children’s patterns. I can spend way too much time browsing through all of her patterns. Every time I am there I am so tempted to make some swimsuits for the kids. Her swimsuit patterns are the cutest! Maybe this summer I will finally get over my fears of that stretchy swimsuit material.

ashley 250x125

 Now that we have seen how talented Amy is, let’s take a little peek at her sewing space. Head on over here to see the full tour.


Wow Amy, your sewing space is amazing! I just love that ironing board, so ingenuous! Thanks again Amy for sharing your sewing space with all of us!

And don’t forget to link up your sewing space here. There are two amazing spaces linked up right now that you must check out!

ice fishing

This past weekend we snowshoed out to Paul’s Pond to do a little ice fishing.

photo (45)

As you can see it was snowing, again.

photo (46)

We didn’t catch a thing, but we sure did have fun.

photo (47)

For some reason there was a layer of slush under all that snow and every time I fell I would land right in it. I fell a lot that day …and ended up completely soaked. Good times I tell ya.

photo (48)

But my favorite part of the day was when Grammy fell (sorry mom) but seriously…it was hysterical. Like so hysterical that I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t even help her up (sorry again mom)!

What would Celina do? {mermaid dolls}

What would Celina do Button 1Today a bunch of us bloggers are talking about Celina from petit a petit and family and her personal style. Let me first start off by saying what a sweet and talented woman she is. I have gotten to know her over the past year and she is just a wealth of knowledge and always willing to share it. That is priceless to someone like me who is still learning so much about sewing. No matter how silly my question is, she is always willing to help out. Thank you so much Celina, your such a beautiful person! Now back to her style. Its modern, handmade, a tad vintage with a bit of whimsy. I follow Celina on Pinterest and before I even look to see who the pin is from, I know it was one of hers. Finding one’s personal style is something bloggers and sew-ers are always talking about. If they haven’t found it yet, they searching for it. So it is a huge accomplishment once one has found their personal style and others can recognize it. Celina has found her personal style for sure! Today we are all making something that was either inspired by her style or something she has made. I decided to make something from one of her tutorials after seeing her Mermaid Tail Costume. It just happened to be that my girls were begging me to make them mermaid dolls for some time now, so it just happened to be the perfect thing to make.
IMG_5132To make the dolls I decided to use pieces of a pattern that I used previously when making these dolls. Of course you can see that I had to make adjustments to the head and tail part.IMG_5123 I let my girls choose the fabrics and the hair color, after all these will be their dolls. I can’t help but love that my littlest chose blue for the hair. Then again it was not a big surprise. If I had pink felt I am pretty sure there would have been one with pink hair too! Our world revolves around the kids and their favorite colors right now. IMG_5122I made the little seashell tops and flower headbands with some felt flowers that came in one of my girls American Doll Craft kits. Can I just mention how much I love the American Doll Craft Kits?! IMG_5134 I simply added some eyes with thread since that is all the girls wanted their dolls to have on their faces. I happen to love them that way too.IMG_5125As you can see, my girls love their little mermaids!IMG_5102Inspired by Celina but definitely our style! Head on over to see what everyone else has made! What a fun way to celebrate one talented and sweet friend!

Image Map

knight hoodie pattern blog tour

Today I have the pleasure of being the next stop on the Knight Hoodie Pattern blog tour by Charming Doodle. knight hoodie tour 1100 x 375

When I first saw this pattern I knew that my son would just go crazy over it…and I was right!


 My son has been complaining a lot lately that I always make stuff for the girls but never make him anything. Sadly is so right. So this year I am attempting to make more things for him.


The knight hoodie pattern ranges in sizes from 2t-10 (with a tween/adult pattern on the way). For more details you can go here. The pattern was very detailed and had lots of pictures throughout.


I made my son a 5t which  is the size he is wearing right now. I think the fit is perfect, but  will also fit him for a few seasons. I used some sweatshirt fleece that I purchased from Jo-Ann’s. The pattern calls for ribbing on the cuffs and on the bottom but I was unable to find any so I just used some of the sweatshirt fabric instead. Due to the lack of stretch in the sweatshirt fabric I did have to make adjustments to those pieces. I just had to add a little extra length to the pieces. Not a big deal, but just be aware of it before you cut out your pieces if you end up having to use just the sweatshirt fabric as well.


The hood is by far my son’s favorite part and who could blame him?! I should have taken a picture with the hood off and unzipped a little bit. The way the flap lays on the collar is so cool.


My favorite thing about the knight hoodie is all the top stitching on it. I just love the way it looks! It looks more store bought then handmade.


Doesn’t it look so comfy too? Comfortable and stylish!


What more does a little boy want?


Want to buy a pattern of your own?

The Knight Hoodie Pattern regularly sells for $12 but today you can purchase it for $10. Just use the code: Hooligans at the time of checkout.

knight hoodie

Thanks again Elizabeth for having me part of your blog tour!

Sewing spaces {Roslyn from sew delicious}


Today we have the talented Roslyn from Sew Delicious sharing her sewing space with all of us.

SD dandelion header

Roslyn lives in Austrialia and shares some beautiful creations on her blog. I love how she uses such bright colors and puts so much quilting work into her pieces. Here are just a few of my favorites from her blog.

sew deliciousBeautiful right?! Well her sewing space is equally as beautiful! I love seeing all her pretty fabric in the cubbies and how about that peg board? Or the sewing machine and serger covers?! I love it all! Head on over to Roslyn’s blog to see the rest of her sewing space.

desk and board

Thanks again Rosyln for sharing your sewing space with all of us today!

snowshoeing with the kids

It has been one really cold winter here! It’s been a struggle for me to get out in it. I do not like the cold one bit…but I love the snow. Thankfully this past weekend we had some warmer weather and we headed outside to do some (41)I brought a sled along just in case I had to pull some little ones in it on the way home. Instead we ended up using it to spend a few hours sliding down the hills. We all had a blast!photo (42)A day out in the sun really does the body good. Now if it would just warm up (43)Anyone else having the coldest winter ever?

sewing spaces {2 little hooligans}

SewingSpaces I am so excited to finally share my sewing space with all of you and to really kick off this series! As you know 2 days after Christmas I decided to turn my kids playroom into my sewing room. You can see in this post what the room looked like before. My sewing room is a fairly tiny space. It measures about 8 feet by feet. So besides my work table, there is little room for anything else.

IMG_4881 copyMy sewing room definitely has an old country/vintage feel to it which makes it blend well with the rest of our house. As most of you know I love old vintage items, especially anything metal or wood. Thankfully a few years ago my husband built a wall of shelving in the kids playroom to store all of the kids toys and art supplies. Now it makes the perfect place to store all of my fabric, patterns and works in progress.

IMG_4890 copyInside of the shelving there is a sheet metal board. It makes a great spot to jot down quick notes as well as stick up pattern pieces or fabric swatches. I use all of the cubbies surrounding the sheet metal board to organize and display my fabric. All of my fabrics are even organized by type or purpose. I cannot tell  you how much I love having one place to store all of my fabric, plus now I can even see what I have for fabric.

IMG_4892 copyThe top shelf holds all of my patterns and what few sewing books I have.
IMG_4893 copyThese old galvanized milk coolers hold all of my store bought patterns along with some of my handmade patterns. I mentioned the other day how I like to cut up my worn out or stained clothes and use those as my templates. For me it works much better then any pattern that I have purchased.IMG_4929 copy The suitcase holds more patterns in the binders as well as a few of my sewing books. Most of the patterns in the binders are my pdf patterns that I have purchased on line. This keeps them pretty organized when it comes to the smaller kids clothes patterns but I am finding that this is not the most practical way of storing larger patterns or patterns with too many pieces. For those I just use one of the milk coolers to store them in. IMG_4967 copyI have used the wooden crate for the past few years to store my sewing machines on and it just happened to fit perfectly in this spot. As you can see, it now stores my overlock machine, the girls sewing machine and some of the girls sewing projects. I tuck my cutting mat and rulers behind it when not in use.
IMG_4902 copyMy overlock machine, Huskylock s21.IMG_4952 copyYou can see from the pictures above that I have a pipe hung up that is being used as a clothes rack. I like to store all of my cut out patterns that I am getting ready to use clipped onto hangers. My works in progress are stored in my unfinished projects bag that I made a few years ago and I even hang some of my finished products up here as well. You can see another dress that I finished is hanging there. And yes, it’s another Caroline Party Dress! I also hang my tripod and photography backdrop hang here as well. IMG_4957 copyI use fabric organizer boards from The Fabric Organizer to wrap all of my fabric on. I can neatly store a few yards of fabric on the small boards and they fit really nicely in the cubbies.IMG_4930 copyFor all of my fabric scraps I just store them in a wooden crate. Or if you ask my kids this is their fabric bin. I love watching them paw through it to find the right fabric. IMG_4927 copyWith such a small room it was hard to fit another table in there for the kids, but I really wanted them to have a spot of their own in there too. So I found this old wash tub rack at a thrift store that folds down and makes the perfect little table for the kids. When they want to sew I just pull down one side and place a piece of wood on top of the rack. It actually ends up being the perfect height for them to sew at. It also is a great spot to take pictures too. I can place a piece of white foam board on it and place it against the white wall and it becomes a great spot for taking pictures for tutorials. The best part is that I love how small it folds up and tucks perfectly into the corner when not in use. Some times you have to think outside of the box when working with small spaces.IMG_4925 copyHow many sewing machines does one household need?IMG_4914 copyMy sewing chair was purchased from a yard sale a few years ago. It is surprisingly super comfy and I love that it is small and does not take up too much space.IMG_4939 copyIMG_4912 copyI use this old crate to store all of my thread in. I love being able to see all of my thread neatly organized plus it also adds a little color to the white walls.IMG_4978 copy I am still using my sewing caddy. I tuck it right beside in the corner so that I have all of my tools within reach. It works perfectly for my needs.
IMG_4941 copyMy sewing machine, Husqvarna Emerald 116.IMG_4954 copy I use these little metal bins to store all of my fabric tags in. For those of you wondering, I purchase my tags here.IMG_4913 copyIn the last corner is my dress form. I blogged about my dress form here if you want to read more about it. I am still really enjoying this dress form and as you can see it has a wool coat on it right now which may or may not ever get finished. The pattern was just not made for me and I have spent hours trying to make it work, but I just might have to call it quits. I am thinking I can save the fabric and make it into a skirt. Any other thoughts or ideas?IMG_4905 copy And that is my little sewing space. It may be small but it is so wonderful having everything in one spot.IMG_4880 copySo what do you think? Thoughts or suggestions?

Don’t forget to link up your sewing space here. Next week I have my first guest and I am really excited to see what her sewing space looks like!

Shades of me {blue}

Today I am one of the stops on the Shades Of Me Sewing Series.


As you can see I chose the color blueIMG_4752I found this beautiful cable knit fabric from Girl Charlee to work with. I just searched their site and could not find it anywhere…darn! This fabric is so comfy! It is a medium weight fabric but needs to be lined if you are going to wear it as a dress. It will be fine as a sweater as long as it is going to be layered over a shirt.

IMG_4766I cut apart an old hooded sweatshirt to use as a template. I have been doing this a lot lately. Instead of throwing out my worn-out or stained clothes I just cut them up and use them as a template. That way I have a pattern that I know will fit me. It is hard finding the right patterns to fit my body sometimes. I am still debating on the length so you may notice that I just serged the edges of the bottom until I decide. I’m just not sure if I want it to be a dress, a tunic or a hooded sweater. Any thoughts? IMG_4719 I made the leggings out of a knit nightgown that I found at Walmart. It just happened to be the perfect fabric. I simply used a pair of my favorite leggings as the template.IMG_4737 copyThe infinity scarf was made from the same white knit fabric that I lined my dress with. The hat is not handmade. It is from The North Face. It just happened to match perfectly, plus I needed it too keep warm. It was about 10 when I was taking these pictures of myself.IMG_4747I am really excited about this little dress because it is the first garment that I actually used my overlock machine for the whole entire thing. It is amazing how fast it is to make a garment when you can sew and serge it in one stitch. Plus it just looks so much better. It’s a shame it took me this long to figure out how to use it! It really does take garment making to a whole new level.
IMG_4737A little peek at the hood and the back of the dress. IMG_4783
Now makes sure you enter to the giveaway below! This is one of the most amazing giveaways I have ever seen! I really hope I win!


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