Chickens, eggs and rubby red shoes.

The other day I made some eggs cleaning cloths. Seriously, cloths for cleaning eggs? Yes. We have a relative that is raising layers for the first time and I cannot help but love her excitement over these chickens…and for all chickens in general (close family members you know what I am referring too, dontcha?) Well anyways, I saw this fabric the other day and had to have it. I knew that some cute little wash cloths were in order. After making them I realized that I’m going to have make myself some now, how cute are those little chickens?!

I made a few tiny ones for scrubbing eggs.

Two larger ones to dry the eggs on.

And one large one, because I know that one of these days she is going to give those chickens a bubble bath! So now every time she washes those eggs she will think of us up here in NH and will be reminded of her favorite “holiday”!

And since we are talking about eggs, my little missy girl was asked to gather the eggs the other day and when I opened the door I found these.

Now this is a first. I have never seen eggs collected in ruby reds shoes before!

But make sure you only take the eggs and do not touch the ruby red shoes!

baby chicks.

Daddy brought home 30 baby chicks today.

And the kiddo’s can’t get enough of these cute little birdies.

They spent hours in the barn last night watching, holding, petting and squealing at them. They even had to tuck them into bed last night.

Our little boy loves to hold and snuggle them, while our little girl would rather just pet them and squeal from afar.

But who wouldn’t love these cute little chicks. Just look at those sweet, fluffy little feathers. I just wish these cute little birdies would stay this small forever.

However, in a few months these cute little chicks will turn into big birds that will fill our freezer. Sorry all of you vegetarians out there, that is just how we do things in our house.

Finding love in unexpected places.

The funny thing about love is that it shows up in unexpected places. And it totally makes us realize that we love our chickens. Thanks girls for this little heart you made for me, on the coldest day of the winter.
You may have only given me one egg that day, but this little heart made up for it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

May you find love in unexpected places too.

embrace the camera {winter chores}

So here we are still doing our morning chores all together the four of us. I thought the kids would have “chickened out” by now, but all 3 of them are still heading out with this momma everyday to collect the eggs.

My little guy starts out on his snowshoes but half-way-up there usually hops into the sled with the girls. Surprisingly, even though it takes a good hour to get out the door and to collect the eggs, I have actually enjoyed most days. I get to strap on my snowshoes and be outdoors. The worst part is just getting out the door. Ya know, by the time the second one is all dressed, the first one is undressed again. Gloves need to be put on 5X before we even make it to the chicken coop, and someone always does a face plant in the snow and has a melt down.

Thanks to our 6 chickens, they get us out of the house everyday. It’s not always fun and I don’t always look forward to it, but once we are finished there is nothing like going back inside and warming up. And really, I’m getting one great workout everyday.

That’s right, only 3 eggs today! For some reason our chickens are not good at doing their job. Any suggestions?

embrace the camera {feeding the chickens}

Ok, so I have to admit, I don’t really like feeding our chickens and gathering their eggs everyday. I do love seeing them walk around the yard and the endless hours of entertainment they give my children. And of course I love their yummy eggs. So it’s nice during the spring and summer when I can go a few days without having to fill up their waterer or gather their eggs. But now that most nights are below freezing, we have to gather the eggs and carry fresh water to them everyday. So here we are doing our morning chores.

He is always the first one out the door with the basket.

While she is not too far behind him.

On the days that she catches up to him, it is always a fight over the egg basket.

And this ends up happening. Look at that little boy in the distant, he has the biggest smile on his face.

AWW, then they always make up. He jumps over the gate and gathers the eggs while she holds the basket for him.

I fill up the waterer while he throws food to the chickens.

She always gets to carry the eggs back while my little guy runs as fast as he can back into the house to sneak some gum. And he thinks I don’t know.

Ok, so it’s not so bad. I do love watching the kids run outside in their footie J’s helping momma out. Yes, it would take me about 35 minutes less to do it by myself, but really, what else would we be doing? I’m just wondering how many kids will be following this momma out when there is a foot of snow on the ground. And will they still be wearing just their footie J’s?