Christmas gifts {baby booties}

I started making our Christmas gifts last week and these booties were the first to be finished. I easily made two pairs within a nap time. They are one of those gifts that can easily be made up in a jiff and you would never know it. The booties can be worn folded over or straight up. They have an internal elastic that will keep these booties on and from being kicked off. I decided to use an anti-skid material on the bottom just because I had some laying around, but I could have just as easily used the fleece on the bottom instead.
I purchased the pattern here. It was so easy to follow and her directions were great, I highly recommend it. The only thing I would have done differently is use a smaller patterned fabric. I think the pattern is a little too big on such small booties, but I still like them.
Even though the pattern called for anti-pill fleece I wanted to give minky fabric a try. Can you image your feet being wrapped in minky fabric? Oh, that’s one lucky little baby! The minky booties don’t have as much form as the fleece booties but they still look adorable and will function just as good.

I can’t help but be in love with little baby booties.
So what are you all busy crafting for Christmas?

Baby Basket Cake Roundup.

All of the tutorials are finally finished for the baby basket cake and are linked below. All you have to do is click on the picture and it will take you to that specific tutorial. A few of you have had certain questions about some of the projects and I hope that I was able to help you work through them and you are still putting one of these gifts together. For those of you that have not started making one I will be putting together a FAQ page to help clarify any questions that have already come up and some other helpful tips to get you through making one of these. Yes, they do require a lot of time to make, but just remember not everything in the cake needs to be homemade. Use your imagination and pair some homemade and store bought items together. Or take a hole different route and buy some nesting baskets and fill those with homemade items. Remember a gift doesn’t always have to be homemade…it just needs to have a little thought put into it. And think outside the box (or basket in this case), it doesn’t have to be filled with stuff just for the baby.

Some other fun ideas for a basket cake would include:

Bridal Shower Cake: Fill it full of homemade dish towels, hand towels, an apron, cloth napkins and a table cloth, hot pads and hot mitts, use some kitchen gadgets to adorn and hang on the sides of the cake.

Birthday Cake: Fill it full of the birthday girl/or boy’s favorite items. Just remember to use large gifts that are lightweight.

Graduate Cake: Fill it full of necessities for a freshman’s first year at college. Add a bunch of fabric 3 ring binder covers, make some PJ’s, skirts or any type of clothing. Some pillow cases, sheets, or a throw blanket. How about some cute little hair accessories or some home decor items for decorating their dorm room or apartment. Again the ideas are endless.

Remember just have fun with it! Anyone would love one of these cakes whether they are homemade or not. Remember, its all about putting a little extra thought into a gift to make them feel extra special!

Baby Basket Cake Tutorial Links:
(click photo’s below)


All of the tutorials listed above and all the tutorials shared on this blog are for personal sewing projects only! If you have any questions about this policy please contact me, thanks.

Embellished Onesies {Tutorial}

I’m still trying to finish up all of the tutorials for the baby basket cake. It is taking me a bit longer then expected, but luckily there is only one more to finish up. Once they are all finished I plan on doing a FAQ and a round up where I will link all of the tutorials in one spot. Then in the next month or so I’m looking forward to getting back to posting my weekly tutorials for Fat Quarter Friday. I have missed making those quick little projects and hopefully this will give me a head start on all those Christmas gifts on my list.
Embellished Onesies Tutorial
(allow 1 hour per dress)

We are going to start by making the little polka dot dress, but all of the embellished onesie require the same materials, just different amounts of fabric. I didn’t keep track of the exact measurements while putting the tutorials together so you are going to have to trust your own judgement and make it how you like it. I’m going to show you just a basic way of putting these together. Remember there is no right or wrong way to do it.

Materials Needed:

*Onesies (any size works)

*Large scraps of knit fabric about 30″ long and about 6 ” wide (these are the measurements I used for a newborn onesie. You will need more material if you are working with a larger sized onesie.)

*Smaller scraps for making the flowers and for the ruffles on the backside.

Start by measuring the distance around the onesie where you will be attaching the skirt on. I like to attach the skirt about 2″ above the top hem on the buttoned part of the onesies, but you can attach it wherever you would like. Now take your marking pen and draw a straight line around the front and back of the onesie where you want your skirt to be attached.

Measure the distance around the onesie where you made your straight line. Add 1 1/2 times to that measurement or even double it. Now cut your piece of fabric the distance just determined by the desired length. I like to cut mine about 5″ long. But again you can cut it whatever length you want. and if you cut it too long in the beginning you can always trim it down a bit later.

Now sew the two ends together with right sides facing. Sew all around the top edge and make it ruffle.

Pin the dress on so that the right side is right side with the onesie and the ruffled edge is lined up with the line you drew onto the onesie.

Sew skirt in place using a a zig-zag stitch. I like to slightly stretch the onesie while sewing the skirt on to give a little extra room for stretching.

Now take a little scrap piece of fabric about 16″ x 1 1/2″. Sew on the top edge to ruffle it.

Pin in place on the top of the onesie like so. Only make one complete circle with the ruffled piece right now.

Sew in place on the ruffled edge.

Keep wrapping the ruffled piece in the shape of a circle while sewing it as you go. Don’t worry about making it look too perfect.

Cut out some little circles to cover up the stitches in the middle and sew in place.

And there you have a cute little embellished onesie that only took a few minutes to make. Now for the next onesie all I did was cut out a little piece of fabric and sew it to the front of the onesie.

Then use a scrap piece of fabric that is 1 1/2 times the length of the back side of the onesies. Ruffle the fabric then zig-zag stitch the ruffled piece onto the backside of the onesies. Extremely simple, but so fun to do.

For the teal dress I made it just like the pink polka dot dress above but this time I cut the two pieces of fabric different lengths to give the skirt a little different look.

Cut one of the pieces about 1 1/2″ to 2″ wider then the other piece of fabric.

Sew edges together like on the first dress. Ruffle the top edge of both pieces of fabric.

Pin the two pieces of fabric together and repeat the same steps as above with the pink polka dot dress.

For the last and my most favorite embellished onesie I wanted to keep it simple with a big pink flower on the front and a cute little ruffle on the backside.

Cut out some flowers. I used two different colored fabrics for these but you can use whatever you have on hand.

Just pin your flowers in place and sew like below.

Then add the centers of the flowers.

Add a cute little ruffled piece to the backside.

So there you have some fun and easy ways to embellish those plain white onesies.

Knit Baby Hats {Tutorial}

Knit Baby Hats Tutorial

(allow 15-30 minutes to complete one hat)

Materials Needed:

*Small pieces of knit fabric or use outgrown baby clothes.

*Small pieces of contrasting knit fabric for the flower or a 30″ x 1/2″ piece of fabric for the ruffle.


Print off the templates below. Make sure you click on the highlighted link and print the template off from the Scribd website. Tape the two pieces of paper together making sure that the lines match up perfectly. Trim extra paper if needed to match up the lines.
Knit baby hat template 1

Knit baby hat template 2

Use the template to cut out two pieces of knit fabric.

Pin right sides together. Sew around edges leaving the bottom open.

Trim edges. Searge edges if you want, but you don’t have to. Knit fabric will not fray. Searging just gives it a more professional look. I don’t have a searger, so I left mine as is. Fold the hat in half to find the middle. Measure 2″ down from the top of the hat. Draw a line. Repeat on the other side of hat.

Now refold the top of the hat so that the marks you just made are on the outer edge. Pin in place like so. You are now going to sew on top of the marks you just made. I sewed using a 1/4″ sew seam here. You are sewing here just to give the hat a little more shape.

This is what the hat will look like now.

**What you do in the next step depends on the size of the hat you are making.**

If you are making a 0-6 month hat fold the bottom of the hat up 1 1/2″

for a 6-12 month hat fold the bottom of the hat up 2″

and for a 12-24 month hat fold the bottom of the hat up 2″.

Since this a 0-6 month sized hat, I folded the bottom of the hat up 1 1/2″.

Press and pin in place. Sew.

Turn right side out.

To make the flower cut 7 pieces of knit fabric into little circles.

Set up the circles overlapping like so. Just make sure that the middle circle is overlapping all of the other circles (petals) in the middle.

Pin in place.


Make a button or use a button you have on hand.

Attach the button to the petals and through the top of the hat.

Inside of hat.

And the finished product.


Now to make the ruffled knit hat.

Follow the same steps as above to make the hat. Cut a strip of knit fabric 30″ x 1 1/2″ wide. Sew ends together. Now ruffle the piece of fabric with your sewing machine. Work with the ruffled piece until it is the same length as the distance around your hat. Pin ruffle around hat about 1/4″ or 1/2″ up from the bottom of hat. Zig-Zag stitch ruffle in place. Attach a little button on the top of hat if you want.

And that is it.

They are so quick and easy to make you will never buy a knit hat again.

Plus it is a great way to use up those outgrown baby clothes.

Baby Basket Cake {what’s inside}

Ok, so here is what is inside that cake…

Just keep in mind that I made this for my sister-in-law that just had baby #5. So I kinda knew what she needed and what she would use. I think we can all agree that with each baby, the less we actually need. Of course if this was for a first time mom, I would have added a bunch of different goodies…and I definitely would have made some burp cloths instead of giving my hand me down ones. Oh come on now… they were handmade…just slightly used!

So over the next few weeks I will be posting tutorials for all of these along with a few other fun baby related posts, think of it as a mini baby series of sorts. And stop back in the next few days for a giveaway…it’s a good one!