Giveaway from Umbrella Kids {meal planning printables}

I am so excited over this giveaway I have for all of you today! Remember that great set of meal planning printables that I just shared with all of you from my meal planning system? Well thanks to Jolene from Umbrella Kids, TWO of you will be winning a complete set of meal planning printables!How great is that?! You are seriously going to love these! I have already said how much I love these printables and how much meal planning has made our lives much easier when it comes to meal time and grocery shopping! Now it is your turn to see how much you will love them. To enter, head over to Umbrella Kids and have a little peek around. Then come back here and tell me what your favorite item in her shop is. It is just that easy! Giveaway will end Saturday, February 23rd.

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  1. The owl print meal planners are great

  2. Thanks so much for the chance…It will make my meal time so much easier!

  3. I really like the the meal planners! Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I have to say my favorite thing is the menu planners….I love all of them!!!!

  5. I love anything in the Retro Mod pattern!!! So adorable and completely what would help with my meal planning!!!

  6. everything is so cute. love her designs. the meal planning printable is just such a great idea. my choice!

  7. Love the owl in a boat with a pink umbrella. Thanks for the chance to win a meal planner.

  8. Love the wood textured floral prints!

  9. I absolutely love your meal planner and would love to win it but I have to say her little own meal planner is so precious. and the 2 peas in a Pod (boat) is simply the sweetest.

  10. I love your meal planners, especially the ones with the grocery list pages! =)
    I like the one with the flowers on it! =)

  11. Love the meal planner, with the pink and teal.
    My favorite is the “this is our happily ever after.” So cute!
    And thank you!

  12. I like the Alphabet Kids personalized art. They would be so cute for my grand kids.

  13. My favority item is the ” Four Printed 8 x 10’s. Personalized Wood Textured Flower Art Prints” , the ballon print is also great and the meals planner are perfect!

  14. Modern Vintage Wood Textured Yellow Flower. 8 x 10 Printable Art. that’s my favorite love the colors.
    You’re right meal planner is so usefull!!! Was an habit i have to do again!
    have a nice day and thank’s for the chance to win

  15. the meal planners are awesome! love them but also the calendar printable 😀

  16. def the meal planning printables! I’ve been meaning to do this for ages.

  17. I really like the meal planners, but I think my favorite was the name abacus!

  18. Susannah King says:

    Oh My the meal planners look devine! What an ease this would put into grocery shopping :)

  19. My favorite is the 12 x 18 A fun feminine set of three art prints.

  20. Oh my goodness, I love the 5.5×8 owl printable meal planner for $5. I am trying so hard to be more organized with meals and to do listened was so inspired after reading your meal planning blog. I have this design saved in my favorites, just waiting for my husband to set up the printer on our new computer. Tank you for the opportunity!!

  21. Oops.. To do lists and was so inspired!!

  22. Jolene has alot of creativity! My favorite is the meal planning printables in the “Christina” print!

  23. I love owls!!! So, I was in love with the owl meal plan. I also love that her prices are so affordable!!

  24. I love the Owl meal planners!! I really like the wood textured flower art prints too.

  25. I like the alphabet name art for kids!

  26. Love the family tree forest art print. Unfortunately, our family is still growing and changing too much to get it for my parents just yet. I also like all the baby/kid’s name prints, especially the abacus.

  27. Love the Family Tree Forest Art Print!

  28. I like the alphabet flash cards and the meal planners too! I like your idea with the matching colors for the highlighter and clips.

  29. Aah, I really like the alphabet names, and the owl menu planners are too cute too!

  30. I love the meal planners.

  31. I love her owl and mason jar designs!

  32. I really liked the owl print meal planners and calendars! So cute!

  33. I like the menu planners, but i also like the birth announcements. I am waiting on #4, and first girl to arrive any day. I am 12 days overdue, so I think winning would be a nice prize 😉

  34. It’s really hard to choose, but I love the name abacus art prints!

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