Tile & Grout

We started renovating the downstairs bathroom this weekend. It was the first room we built when we moved in 8 years ago and it was rushed. We never installed flooring or finished trimming out the walls. So the bathroom had painted plywood flooring and open edges of sheet-rock that the kids loved to play with. But really those two things were not what bugged me the most. It was the laundry area. It just didn’t work for me. I really wanted a counter top to fold clothes on instead of folding them in the kitchen or on the couches. I had completely convinced my hubby (and myself) that a new laundry area would miraculously get the clean clothes out of the drier, folded and put back into their drawers. Well it may not be that easy but having a spot to hold all of the buckets that are full of clean will be nice! Of course home renovations are never done without three little ones under our feet. We realized two years ago that it was just much easier to include them then to try and keep them out of the way.Some times they are actually a big help.And some times they just do and say things that make us laugh.And of course we have our moments when they just make a mess.“Look Mommy I made foot prints!”Yup, working with the kiddos can be a challenge at times.But how can you keep them away from a box like this?It is full of fun things to play with. I’m telling you kids really dont need toys, they just need to be able to play with our stuff.Once they were all tucked in bed we really got cruising! Three quarters of the bathroom was done in a few short hours. It would have all been done if it wasn’t for a super heavy claw foot tub that was in the way.Most people get flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day…I’m getting tile and grout.Pretty darn great gift if I do say so myself! Plus, I’m pretty sure the hubby has no clue Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. So I’m just going to pretend that he is totally doing all of this for me because it is Valentine’s Day and he loves me so…and it has nothing to do with the fact that he can never find clean clothes.

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  1. Tile and grout will be a Valentine’s gift you can appreciate all year long!

  2. Your kiddies are adorable!!! And you have so much patience to have them underfoot when working on such a project :) Bet you that having that floor all done is the best valentine’s present ever!

  3. i so enjoy your posts! you’re always reminding me of things that are simple pleasures in life like letting the kids make a mess and be annoying while you’re trying to get work done! haha. happy v-day. :)

  4. So adorable! I love the little footprints!

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