And so he is reading.

For the past few months my little guy has been coming home with “reading books.” They are short and simple and can be read by looking at the pictures. You know the ones I’m talking about right? Well last night he came home with two real books and proceeded to read them to us. I was amazed and unsure if he had memorized the books or if he was really reading them. Then this morning when I was packing up his lunch he looked at his note and read it to me like. No sounding it out letter by letter…just pure reading it as if he had been doing it forever. To say that I was excited was an understatement. Seeing your kiddos hit those special milestones are amazing and unforgettable! Now if he could only learn how to tie his shoes!

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  1. You are beginning a magical time with your little guy! A whole new world is opening up for him, just like when he learned to walk. Enjoy every minute! Wait and see how quickly his little sisters want to learn to read now that big brother has a new skill!

  2. We started that journey one year ago and in the last couple of weeks my oldest has been reading a chapter of a chapter book each night, to say the least it has been a revelation to all of us, proudest ever. (the chapters are only a couple of pages each but that doesn’t change anything).

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