A handmade Garment Bag.

So I finally started sewing again. It seems like forever, well I guess it kinda has been. It has taken me a lot longer to recover from my hysterectomy then I thought. And now apparently I am suffering from some post-hysterectomy blues. No it is not such a thing, at least that I know of but for some reason I am just in a funk. Thankfully it seems as though I am starting to come out of it. Thank goodness, because feel crappy emotionally is just no fun. But how fun is this garment bag? I made it as part of the Bloggers Design Ring for Fabric Quilt.Fabri-Quilt sent me 4 yards of this super cute fabric to do whatever I wanted to with.It was inspired by our recent trip to California. I noticed how many ugly garments bags there are.I did notice that Vera Bradley sells some cute garment bags, but they are really pricey. And you know me, if it is made out of fabric I’m going to attempt to make it instead of buying it!Now if I only had somewhere warm to go!In the next few days the tutorial for this garment bag will be posted over on the Fabric-Quilt blog, Inspired by Fabric. I will letcha know once it is up, plus Fabri-Quilt will be giving away one complete Fat Quarter Bundle from the same line that I used to make my garment bag. Trust me, it is a beautiful line. I was just looking at it again the other day and was wishing that I could chose some of the paisley prints to sew with. I guess you could say I’m kinda loving black and white lately!

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  1. It looks great Christina! Looking forward to the tutorial!

  2. I had blah days after my hysterecomy, still do some moments and it has been a year. It is more of the definite than anything. Love the bag.

  3. This looks great – looking forward to the tutorial. Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling down, hope you’re healing well now and things start to look rosier.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This looks awesome. I love Vera and have actually considered shellingboutbthe dough for a garment bag. Alas, this may be the answer if I get brave and try a zipper.

  5. Great idea, great fabrics ! I can’t wait for the tutorial !

  6. I really enjoy reading your blog. I like the pretty things you make, and seeing your lovely kids. I also get a lot of inspiration from your work. And I am waiting for that tutorial, because that bag is just awesome.

  7. Very cute!!! Sorry you’re in a funk! Hope you feel better soon! I now my MIL has to take some hormones ever since having hers out and that keeps her normal. Without them she cries and cries and feels depressed!

  8. Great bag! Such pretty fabric! You make such pretty things, I really enjoy all of your posts and pictures. =)


  9. This is AMAZING Christina!!! Only you could do something this fabulous!! Wow! I am so impressed!!!

  10. This is amazing, Christina! I am constantly impressed with the things you can sew, and you inspire me to plug my machine back in and keep trying even though I’m a horrid seamstress. :)

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