Forget Me Knot Dress

What seems like forever ago Jessica from Me Sew Crazy sent me one of her Forget Me Knot Dress patterns. At the time I was in a major sewing funk and she sent me the pattern as a gift to help lift my spirits. I know right, can she get any sweeter?! Unfortunately once I came out of my sewing funk I was knee high in fabric getting ready for Project Run and Play, so the Forget Me Knot Dress had to wait. Then after Project Run and Play I needed some time away from my sewing machine. Therefore the pattern waited even longer. It wasn’t until I was packing for our trip to California that I decided I was going to make the Forget Me Knot Dress no matter what.I had planned on making two dresses, one for each girl but I just didn’t have enough fabric. I actually didn’t even have enough fabric to make one dress per pattern instructions. Instead of making a gathered skirt I had to make a circle skirt. Apparently I have this bad habit of cutting out patterns without making sure I have enough fabric ahead of time. Please tell me I am not the only one who does this.As you can see there are no zippers or buttons…just ties! And aren’t those ties super cute?!My little girls just love those little ties…especially the ones on the skirt. Apparently twirling is much more fun when you have little ties on the skirt.The best part about the tie closures is that they allow for growth. I know for sure that this dress will be worn for another year…if not two.So if you looking for a super cute dress pattern check out the Forget Me Knot Dress pattern. I promise, you will LOVE it…and so wont your little girl! Thanks again Jessica for the gift! You are so sweet and thoughtful!

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  1. Adorable photos!
    The dress is so pretty!

  2. Such a cute dress! I love the fabric!

  3. That dress is adorable, and your little girl is gorgeous! You did an awesome job. I totally hear you on the ‘sewing funk.’ I love sewing but have just had zero motivation to sew lately. I think it’s at least in part because my craft room looks like a bomb went off, and I don’t want to sew in a messy room, or spend the time cleaning it up so I can sew.

  4. Christina – You are so the best! This dress came out adorable!!! I love the fabric you chose, and I love that you liked the dress! Thank you so much!!!

    And to think, I almost didn’t do my blog reading today :)

  5. I love this version of the dress! How adorable! Now I feel really inspired! If only I didn’t have “necessary” sewing that MUST get done first….(Sigh!)

  6. The dress is adorable! I love the big graphic prints for little girls. The dress with the striped leggings is an especially sweet combination.

  7. I love your fabric and I NEVER make sure I have enough fabric before I start cutting…a bad habit, but I just can’t break it….

  8. I love it, Christina!!! It’s so sweet on her! Miss you girlie!

  9. I love the print of this fabric! Makes me think: vacation (at the beach)
    I love the idea of no zippers to mess with. I can sew but still consider my self an amateur *_*

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