Ruffled Winter Hats

A few months ago I made two little ruffled fat hats for the girls.All I did was use one of their old hats as a template and made one hat out of ruffled fabric and then one hat out of the minky fabric. Then I sewed the two of them together. Ruffled fabric is just too lightweight by itself to wear in the winter, but it is much warmer when you line it with minky fabric. The best part about using the minky fabric and the ruffled fabric together is that both fabrics have a little stretch to them.This is such a quick little project to do that uses up all those little scraps of ruffled fabric. Plus these hats are so cute, dontcha think every little girl needs one?!

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  1. CUTE! Hoping all is well with you guys!

  2. Those hats are adorable! And even cuter on your girls!

  3. Wow, these hats are so adorable, and your girls are so pretty! Love the idea!

  4. Found you on Pinterest with your homemade butter!! LOVE that! Thanks for sharing healthy recipies on your blog. I’m trying to get away from processed foods and this really helps!

    Love that hat! So cute!!!! :)

  5. SO cute, Christina! Sorry I never got a chance to write back! My job is going pretty well. I miss my little boy the days I have to work. I think it will just be a short lived thing while we are saving up to hopefully buy a second car in cash. Hopefully I will be home again full time when Beloved gets here! :) Glad you are feeling a little better!

  6. Your kids have the most beautiful faces! Love your blog, loaded with great ideas!

  7. Soooo lovely. I want them. I’ll have to try this for Madelyn, she wants one now too.

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