2012 Letters to Santa

Last week the kiddos wrote their letters to Santa. We used these cute printables from Blush Printables. I always like to use some cute festive paper for them to write their letters on. It just seems more special that way. At first none of them knew what to ask for. Then my son decided to ask for a tractor…big surprise there.My two little girls decided they would both like a computer. This little girl wants an orange one.And this little girl wants a pink one. She really took her time drawing her picture to make sure Santa knows which one she wants. There is something pretty special about that pink v-tech computer (that has a little mouse attached to) that just makes this little girl glow.So I’m curious, do you send out your kiddos letters to Santa? Or do you save them like me?

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  1. Haha, these are such cute photos!

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