Christmas branches for the kiddos.

A few weeks ago the kiddos were wondering where our Christmas branch was. We already had our tree up and decorated but apparently they missed our Christmas branch. They were always a joke for the hubby and I, but truthfully they were a huge part of our past Christmas’s. So instead of going without the infamous Christmas branch I decided to decorate a few branches and place them in the kiddos rooms.Now the kiddos have a pretty little Christmas branch to look at and we can be reminded of our past Christmas’s. As you can see, the girls Christmas branch is decorated with tissue paper flowers and battery operated flowered lights. Goodies I already had in my crafting supplies. The girls are beyond excited to have their very own Christmas branch.For my little guy I decided to decorate his Christmas branch with what he loves most…John Deere tractors.I just took a bunch of his little tractors and tied them onto the branches with yellow yarn.Quick and free…but greatly loved!I just love how a simple little Christmas branch can bring such joy and happiness to them and I have to admit they are quit magical all lit up at night.Do any of you put little trees in the kiddos bedrooms? Or anywhere else? They are so cute I could totally see myself putting them in every room next year!

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  1. My daughter has a white tree in her room. I used to put silver and blue on it but last year I found my old Disney ornaments so I used them. This year I let her decorate the tree…one side is a little heavy. lol.

  2. I love the yarn flowers on the big hoop with the chevron! That’s fun! :)

  3. This is so fun! I love having trees/branches in kids’ rooms. Super special.

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