Some fun news and not so fun news.

So my computer is back and in working order. I wish I could say that I have been crafting a ton since I last posted but the truth is we took a family vacation to California. So I spent a few days preparing for the trip and even more time recovering from the trip! It has taken all of us a few days to get back to normal life, although I think our hearts are still in California with our cousins and family. We miss them so, but we are so thankful for the time we spent there…with the exception of our (red-eye) flight home. Oh yes lots of pictures are to come, but right now I am trying to get things in order for next week. Next week I will be having surgery. So I will be absent from this blog again for a little bit, but once I am feeling better I will be posting all of our pictures from Halloween, our California trip and even a few sewing projects I did weeks ago.  Hope you are all having fun crafting for the Holidays! For the first time I am having to buy all of our gifts…and it is not fun! There is something so special about making handmade gifts for everyone.

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  1. Glad your back! I will pray your surgery goes well! Did you do any of the things in CA that I mentioned in an email? Sounds like the trip was great regardless 😉

  2. Mustangkayla says:

    I hope your surgery goes well! Glad you got some time with family! There isn’t anything better than spending time with family.

  3. I’m praying for you!!! Please give us an update as soon as possible about your surgery, because I will not stop praying until I know you are doing okay!

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