2012 Advent Calendar

I love advent calendars! I think it is such a fun tradition to have. I mean who doesn’t love opening 25 presents?!The kiddos love opening them up as much as I love making them.This year I decided to use an old wooden ladder that we had outside with a bunch of cute socks that I just purchased at Walmart.I actually purchased the socks because I was in need of some new ones but when I got them home I thought they would make the cutest little advent calendar tied all over the ladder. So I guess I will be waiting a few more weeks for my new socks…all for the sake of crafting.Filling advent calendars can be tricky. I try to fill them up with useful things and fun activities to do with the kiddos. Of course they get a few pieces of candy and some cheap little toys, but for the most part I try to keep it cheap and practical.I ended up putting the ladder/advent calendar in the kitchen since I spend so much time in there plus it is fun to stare at the pretty little white lights.Since I only purchased a few pairs of socks I still needed some more items to hide my treats inside, so I ended up searching around the house for anything that matched. You will be surprised by how many things you can find already in your house…and they are free! I even ended up using some burlap bags that we had left from our wedding. Once I had all the bags, socks and boxes filled with goodies I printed off some free advent calendar numbers here from HGTV. When the kiddos woke up from their naps they thought that I had made our Christmas tree. Oh they are too cute! And yes, as you can imagine they are driving me crazy already wondering when they can start opening those little gifts up!

Here are some of my past advent calendars. In 2010 I filled canning jars and dollar store bags full of treats.I even made a special beer filled advent calendar for the hubby one year. As you can imagine he LOVED it and may even get one again this year.Last year we did a Christmas book advent calendar. It was fun but my kiddos prefer a candy/present filled advent calendar more. Plus I really should have removed the Christmas books from the book case a bit sooner. We had already been reading those same books all year long.Do you do an advent calendar in your house? What do you hide inside for treats?

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  1. Love the beer idea for the hubby!

  2. What an awesome idea! Looks amazing.

  3. This is so fun, Christina!!! I love it!!! And I like being able to see your new socks! haha! Is that weird?

  4. Love this idea, Christina! Hope you’re doing well!

  5. Vida Bombek says:

    I put in some things that they would get it anyway (a T-shirt, a calendar…), some sweets, wool, tulip bulb, socks, … some projects (for example writing postcards, baking biscuits…) Love your calendar and perhaps some day I’ll do one for my husband as well.

  6. Loving the beer calendar! What a fun and thoughtful idea.

  7. These are both so cool. I love the beer advent so much. And I adore the socks and other goodies on the ladder. It’s fabulous!

  8. Loooove your ladder & socks idea! We use a felted Christmas tree backed on a red rectangle with calendar pockets that house secret sequenced felt ornaments. My mom in-law made it when her children were young.

  9. I pinned this, love it. These are my favorite kind of advent calenders, when they are actual little presents to open. Gives me more ideas for next year.

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