Broken and sick.

So my computer is being sent away for some much needed work and all I have is my hubby’s ancient computer to work from, so sadly you wont be able to see the bazillion Halloween pictures I took…at least for a few weeks. I know you are all so sad about that, aren’t you? The truth is, the first 10 minutes when the kiddos were all dressed up in their costumes were the best! They were so hysterically funny and had such a great time, but that quickly faded. I am just so glad that I live with my camera on my hip and was able to capture those few minutes because Daddy missed them all dressed up and so didn’t everyone else except our bestie neighbor. My sweet little girl has a bad case of pink  eye and all 3 have ear infections right now so we wanted to keep our germs to ourselves. We did manage to make it to 5 houses before we called it quits. I was kinda getting tired of my little guy telling everyone about his sister’s pink eye. Anyone who knows him knows that he will tell you anything and everything. There are no secrets with him around. He thought it was fun to ring the door bell and say “trick or treeeat, sorreeee we can’t come insiiiiiide bcause my sister has pink eyeeeee!” I have to admit it did have a catching ring to it. Well that is our life right now. Memories are what we are making here folks…perfect or not!

So my blog is going to be quiet for a bit and if I don’t answer your emails right away at least you know why. My hubby’s computer is ancient and slow and I will not be able to use it everyday. Right now it seems as though a lot of you are making play tents and casserole carriers for the Holidays so I will answers all of your questions as quickly as I can.

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  1. oh you poor thing and your poor babies. Ear infections for all 3, that is terrible! Hope your computer gets better, your kids get better, and that your son can keep the pink eye news to himself! HA – loved that little bit of info!

  2. Pink Eye and ear infections are no fun…..hope they are better soon!

  3. You’ll be missed, I’ll of course keep checking for your return :)

  4. Boo!!! Come back soon! I just made a play tent… LOVE IT!!!

  5. Hope your computer gets fixed quickly!

  6. Vida Bombek says:

    I’ll miss your news. Hope you are all right and that your computer gets fixed soon.

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