St. Francis of Assisi

Last night at Sunday School they celebrated All Saints’ Day by dressing up as Saints. My son dressed up as St. Francis of Assisi. I quickly made him a brown robe from a sheet and a tonsure from the leftover brown fur that I had. Funny how I was just wondering what I was going to do with all that leftover brown fur. I got most of the ideas for the costume at Catholic Icing. We practiced all day who he was going to be dressed up as and what St. Francis of Assisi was most known for. Thankfully by the end of the day he remember who he was going to be dressed up as and it went from St. Peeses Reeses to St. Francis of Assisi. Thank goodness because there were a few other words in there that were totally not appropriate for church.Since St. Francis of Assisi was the Patron Saint of animals it was only fitting that he brought piggy and chippy with him to church.He was so excited about his costume and loved his tonsure the most! Of course the tonsure would have looked much better if he didn’t have such a mop on top of his head right now. And I couldn’t help but think that his tonsure resembled more of a Joe Dirt mullet then a tonsure but that is all right, he loved it anyways and was so excited to head off to school!

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  1. I love the St. Francis costume! The tonsure was the best part! I dressed as St. Elizabeth Anne Seton for our CCD All Saints event (made from a sheet – of course!), but it didn’t come close to your St. Francis!

  2. Best Neighbor Ever says:

    My confirmation name is Francis, for St. Francis of Assisi!!! Yay…love it!

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