Wilbur and Ray

I had to make sure Wilbur and Ray made their presence on my blog again this year.  And really it is more like Wilbur III and Ray Jr. to be correct.I love that the kids want to name our pigs Wilbur and Ray each year. It would be weird to name them something else, wouldn’t it? So see you again next year, Wilbur and Ray…or the next time we have bacon.

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  1. LOL! These last two posts just show me HOW AMAZING YOU ARE!!! You grow your own pumpkins and raise your own hogs… I mean that’s a REAL woman!

  2. That’s too funny! Whenever our friends hunt deer they always name it Rupert, and when they buy a cow it’s name is always Charles. I think it’s fun to name them, but less personal to keep the name the same when it comes time to eat them.

  3. I love that you have pigs. I got obsessed with pigs a few years ago (don’t ask me why, I don’t know) and started reading all these books on raising them and stuff…anyways, my favorite book was called “The Good Good Pig” by Sy Montgomery. Have you ever read it? (It’s written by this super cool woman who raised an awesome pig…I loved it.)

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