Sewing outside

I spent the afternoon sewing…outside. I’m not sure why I haven’t thought of this before. I think it is kinda brilliant, don’t you?! I’m always torn between sewing and being outside but not this time.I just sat and sewed the kiddo’s Halloween costumes while they played outside. Ok, so maybe I spent most of┬ámy time yelling at them to stop fighting but whateva. They were still fun to watch and they totally thought I was crazy for sewing outside.But it was the best way to keep all of that brown and orange fur out of the house, especially when the girls thought it would be fun to make costumes for their animals with all the leftover furry fur. Yup, it was the best idea ever to sew outside today!

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  1. Brilliant! And it would have saved you so much vacuuming too! Haha. Spring is in full bloom here in Australia at the moment and outside is absolutely beautiful, so I may have to give this a go myself :)

  2. I sewed outside during KCWC last spring! It was awesome!

  3. Great Idea!!!

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