Furry Halloween Costumes

Last year was my first year making the kiddos Halloween costumes. They all wanted to be one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eaters. So I made it happen and then I swore I would never sew with fur again. The mess from all those purple furry blankets was crazy!!Well this year they all decided to be characters from their favorite movie…The Lorax.My son’s Once-ler costume is already made thanks to the Project Run and Play sew along last season, but I still need to make my girls costumes. Somehow I had forgotten how messy it was sewing with all of that fur until… the box arrived the other day. Is this not the furriest fur fabric you have ever seen?! And yes, I am totally eating my words right now! Brown fur to make a brown barba-loot.And orange fur to make The Lorax!So if you see me walking around town with orange and brown fur stuck to me… at least now you know why.

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  1. ohhhh, I feel sorry for you

  2. wow i’m in love with those costume, so beautiful! with beautiful kids on it

  3. Cai’s cowboy costume was fur and i said the same thing! I took the vaccum cleaner to the inside of my machine after, which helped some! And I really tried not to over handle it… it did help “some” as far as sewing with fur goes! haha! Can’t wait to see!

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