Fall colors

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  1. I love Fall! Definitely the best season of all!! And that squash? So cool!!! Reminds me of an old bumpy wrinkly man – ha!

  2. Thx for posting fall pics, us here in San Diego don’t get to see all those pretty colors in nature… but I’m not complaining about our weather- 74* and sunny most days 😉

  3. Gorgeous Photos- you should do a massive poster photo collage of all these photos you post. Quartered- your seasonal pics are distinctively 4 seasons. Beautiful images. :)

  4. Love the photos. Are those walnuts? My grandparents had a huge walnut tree in their yard that was our designated climbing tree. He used to spread the walnuts out on the second floor of their garage to dry. Still remember the stained fingers from peeling them!

  5. I agree with Andrea—your photos are beautiful. Everytime you post photos like this I image that you live a charmed life in some rural wonderland…which you probably do. :)

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