Project Run and Play Sew Along {white sheet challenge}

Even though I was sent home last week from Project Run and Play I still decided to sew along with the flickr group. This weeks challenge was to use a king sized white sheet to create an outfit. This was a tough one, there are so many different things that can be made with all that fabric. I planned on making two red dresses that were full of layers and ruffles. But after dyeing my fabric 6 times and only coming up with a pinkish color I gave in and totally changed my idea. What I came up with instead were two little white tennis dresses. I cannot help but love two little girls in white dresses!I spent hours folding, ironing and top stitching to give the fabric all of its dimensions. This is unlike something I have never made before. I normally never add so much detail to my pieces, but for some reason this design came to mind and I just went with it. When I saw my finished dresses they totally looked different then the designs I had planned out in my head. The first thing I thought when I saw them was that they looked like tennis outfits. So I went with the tennis theme…and made a visor. Do you know how hard it is to make a visor? Getting the right shape was tough.I started out by cutting two circle skirts a little larger then their regular sizes and then started started folding and ironing all around the skirts to give it its straight lines. Then I sewed all of the straight lines. On one of the skirts I used the sewn straight lines as the front and the other skirt I put the sewn lines to the back. The skirt on the left is the one where I used the sewn straight lines on the front. Once all of the straight lines were stitched, I then ironed the little piece of fabric that stood up to one side. Then I top stitched that little flap down. Once I finished doing that I added a little more detail to both skirts by top stitching all around the top and bottom of the skirts.I added the same details in the bodices as what I did in the skirts. Yes, a lot of folding, ironing and top stitching!I finished off all of the edges with bias tape. I even added a little strip of bias tape around the waist for more detail. Both the bodices and skirts were lined. Unfortunately my littlest is a bit sick, so I wasn’t able to get many photos of her dress. She just wanted to snuggle with a big ole sweatshirt on…while wearing her sweatband.I just love the dimensions that all of the top stitching gives it. And here are a billion more pics just because I can’t help but love a little girl in a white tennis outfit!Don’t forget to head over to Project Run and Play in the morning to check out what the remaining contestants made from one king sheet. I have a feeling they are going to be amazing! And check out the flickr group, it is insane already!

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  1. I looooove all the beautiful details, Christina!

  2. This is so pretty Christina. I love all of the little details on the dresses and the gored skirt and the cool visors. So cute! An adorable photo shoot.

  3. This might be one of my favorites of your creations! Love the texture and the top stitching and the fit and the pictures.

  4. PS sorry about the dye woes. I’ve had woes of my own with any not 100% cotton sheets (even with the extra salt/longest dye time/constant stirring/etc). Okay, that sounds a little misleading. I’ve only dyed sheets that contain polyester and they always end up much lighter than I expect. I bought a 100% cotton sheet but didn’t end up dyeing it. Maybe I’ll try dyeing some of the scraps though, just to find out.

  5. that is awesome!!!!!

  6. Oh, how adorable are they?? Great job on the dresses. All that ironing and sewing, rinse, repeat…takes so long . You did a wonderful job on their little tennis dresses. :)

  7. Just so you know, should we wind up with a girl ever, I fully expect you to remain my friend and make her one of these, because OMG….

  8. Pamela Foster says:

    Your girls are SO CUTE! They look like they love (then became bored with) being models! Gives me ideas for my granddaughter!

  9. So adorable! Love these cute little dresses! I have 2 little girls also and your creations are inspiring! I’m not that great on a sewing machine but i think i’ll learn now.

  10. You so rocked the challenge this week. Can we vote you back in? : ) And I love that you kept the sheet white, even if it was plan B. These dresses turned out absolutely adorable!

  11. I wish they would have had this challenge last week. You would have won for sure. FOR SURE!

  12. AMAZING!!! I can NOT believe they sent you home. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! Puh.

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