$2 find.

Decorating our house has been a very slow process. Mainly because I am trying to spend little to no money in doing so. I also love the vintage look which takes a while to achieve. Finding just the right things at the right prices is not always easy. And usually vintage pieces that are priced right need some DIY to get them back into working order. I purchased this clock cabinet this summer at a yard sale for 2 bucks. It was not vintage and it was definitely fake wood and made in China, but for 2 bucks I knew I couldn’t go wrong. Plus it had potential.Before and after.With a little help from the hubby we cut out the front wicker-eeish panel and glued in a piece of bead-board. Then I stained the new piece of beadboard to match the rest of the cabinet. Unfortunately the new stained wood was not blending in, so I decided to paint the whole thing white, then do some light sanding to give it an aged/vintage look. Fortunately while working on the piece it fell off the table and really added in giving it that aged look. On the inside of the cabinet I decided to Mod Podge it because who doesn’t love a little pop of color?I bought a bunch of hooks from Walmart and screwed them into the cabinet. Now we have a place to hang all of our hair acessories and jewlery. I’m still looking for a few little cups to place in there to hold our rings and earrings, but that will come in time…much like the shelf I have been searching for to hang next to it. Please tell me I am not the only one who decorates like this! So what are your best $2 finds?

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  1. LOVE! And it’s so funny to hear someone thankful about a project falling in order to achieve the right look, lol. 😉

  2. I always feel like its the Lord blessing me when I find that great of a deal 😉
    I think I have the perfect jewelry holder for you, do you have a PO box? I know that sounds weird so if no response that’s ok. Ps. Great job on the white sheet challenge, I know your original plan wasn’t white but white was my first instinct on that challenge… but you showed way more skill then I would have :)

  3. No, you’re not the only one. I do it too. I’ve lived in my house for over 2 years, and it’s still in desperate need of more decoration. But it’s coming slowly to make sure it’s just the way I want it!
    I love this!!! That was an awesome find! And I love the lining. PERFECT!!

  4. What an amazing transformation! I found this a little late but glad I did, now I’m motivated.

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