“Dig in girls!”

My little guy is LOVING school! He just cannot get enough of it. He wakes up every morning so excited to go. His only complaint is that naptime is too short. My favorite part of the day is picking him up and hearing all about his day. The girls favorite part of the day is when we arrive home and my little guy hands over his lunchbox to the girls and says “dig in girls!” They can’t run into the house fast enough to see what’s inside that bag. And shockingly he always has some type of sweet treat leftover. He is nothing like his Momma! He sure does make our day when he comes home, even if it is for two different reasons.

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  1. aw, i love that he loves school!!! so wonderful…

  2. Giselle Zangirolimo says:

    Lindas essas doçuras!!
    Que bom que seu rapazinho gosta da escola!
    Felicidades a todos!

  3. Christine Sherman says:

    Those are some darn cute kids :)

  4. Kids are such a blessing!

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