So I turned 34 this past week. THIRTY-FOUR! I threw myself a little party. Of course it was not really for me but for these kiddo’s of mine. Funny how when you become a mom nothing is ever just yours…even your birthday.We kept it really simple. We just ordered out pizza and had a picnic by the pumpkin patch in the back of the trailer. Funny how just a little picnic in the trailer is such a treat.Thankfully a friend of mine surprised me with a cake. I’m so glad because I wasn’t planning on making one for myself. I just have been too busy sewing for this. The cake could not have been more perfect for our picnic party. How pretty are those flowers? We planned on picking our pumpkins that night but with so few we decided to wait. I’m secretly hoping that one day I will wake up and see pupkins overflowing the patch. In all, it was the perfect 34th birthday.And no, I didn’t get to blow out my birthday candles either. So will my birthday wish come true or not?And what if they blew out my candles before I was even able to make a wish?

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  1. you old fart! Lol – I turn 34 next month. Happy birthday to you :). Sounds like you had a perfect evening, cake next to the pumpkin patch in the evening sun, lovely!

  2. Mustangkayla says:

    Aww….Happy belated birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! I don’t think I have seen a pic of your husband before :)

  4. Love it. And so nice of you to grace us with the presence of your husband, :-p

  5. Glad you had a great day! Your family is beautiful! The cake looked beautiful! The flowers at the end of the post are GORGEOUS!!! I think I could sit for hours “petting” the flowers like that…so pretty.

  6. Happy Birthday to you.. My oldest son turned 39 on Tues the 18th What day was your birthday on? I have 3 sons who are 39,37,34 and a daughter 18… lol yup I said 18.. big surprise but a big blessing too..
    Blessings, Gweny

  7. Happy Birthday you old thing! :) I’m 40 FORTY lol

    Just found your blog thru PR&P. I love both your entries so far, but especially LOVE this weeks & think it’s perfect for little ones as well as being so stylish. I hope you get to keep up the great work, but either way I’ve found you now & I’ll be following your blog!

  8. Happy belated bday m’dear!!!! Hope this year is amazing for you!!!! xoxo

  9. Happy Birthday!!! The way I see it is you get MORE wishes now that you have more littles blowing out your birthday candles! :)

  10. Happy Happy Birthday…..I am a September birthday girl too! Your cake looks delish on camera!

  11. Happy Birthday!!! It looks like it was a wonderful day.

    I also wanted to let you know that I think you got robbed on the PR&P. Your stuff was supper cute and wonderful. You did a great job!

  12. I Love your blog,and seeing your beautiful family,and pics,and news…:)

  13. forgottenfriend says:

    ummm what? it was your BIRTHDAY? WHAT??? happy birthday!!! love and miss you!!! can’t believe i missed it! <3 and thanks for that email you sent me….i'll cherish it forever!! and such a beautiful cake!! wonder who go that for you??? hmmm i've already made a request for a foliage cake of my own…and my birthday's in april so it will fit in perfectly! :-)

  14. Happy belated birthday, Christina! It looks like you had a perfect day. What a gorgeous cake too!


  15. Heather Bishop-Dumka says:

    Happy LATE Birthday! I can not believe how big the kids are getting! Keep up the great blog! Miss you!

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