Project Run and Play {Round 1: Pattern Remix Challenge}

Well it is finally here…the 5th season of Project Run and Play! Our first weeks challenge was to remix the Very Biased Skirt tutorial from No Big Dill. If you have never used this technique before I highly recommend it. I will admit this was a new technique to me and I will definitely be using it again! Not having to finish off edges is a glorious thing, plus I love the looks of the slightly frayed edges.In Katy’s design she used sheer fabrics, linings and thin cotton fabrics but I chose to use what we wear most…good ole cheap cotton fabrics. I will admit, I was not sure if these cotton fabrics were going to work until I got them home, but thankfully they did.As usual both dresses are very different but coordinate one another. I realize that it is much harder for the judges to judge two looks and it may work against me in the long run, but that is kinda how my brain works. I can’t help it, I create in pairs.The ruffled dress was made by cutting various lengths and widths of the three fabrics on the bias and then ruffling them by hand. Then I started adding the ruffles to a skirt that I made out of a cheap white cotton fabric. No rhyme or reason for placement of the ruffles, just what looked good to the eye. I worked all around the skirt layering and layering all of the ruffles until it was finished. Then I attached the skirt to a simple bodice that was also cut on the bias with flutter sleeves. I wanted to keep the bodice simple and not to take away from the craziness of the skirt.I made the button closures by using white fabric with teal lace layered on top. I used the same white fabric with teal lace throughout the dress. I can’t help but love the way the slightly frayed edges look with the uneven messy ruffled rows.The idea for the other flowered dress came to me when I saw all of the ruffled strips laying on the table. They looked like a bunch of flowers just laying there. I made a basic A-line dress and just played around with the fabric placement on the bodice. Instead of making the shoulder pieces part of the bodice I chose to make straps and expose them over the bodice. I have done this in the past and just love the contrast it gives. To make the flowers on the dress I simply used the ruffled strips that were cut on the bias and sewed them into circles on top of the dress. For some of the flowers I added a little extra detail in the middle, while others I left plain.Matching Du-rag and flowered headband were made using the same methods as in their dresses.I did have one more piece that never made it into the pictures. It was a really cute little cropped jacket, but apparently it was not cute enough for either of these two to wear it. These little girls of mine are tough I tell ya! A total of $24 was spent to make both dresses and I still have some materials left over, not bad huh?! I am still in shock by how much fabric I used on the ruffled dress though and so thankful I bought extra just in case.Now PLEASE head on over to Project Run and Play and vote for your favorite look. They are all so amazing…you must see them all for yourselves!

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  1. Wow! You have my vote. :)

  2. I am dying over how awesome this is Christina! Seriously, amazing job hun!!! Love it all! the fabrics, the flowers you put on the skirt, the way you did the bias ruffles and how they angle in the front. I love it!!!

  3. This is my first time visiting your site. I am SWOONING over these dresses! You have such a great eye for combining fabrics – and the design… Oh, WOW! You just became a “favorite” on my sewy/crafty bloglist. :)

  4. Good job Christina! Just hit your button!

  5. I absolutely love this!!! Where did you get this material? You did such an awesome job!!! I’d love to see this pic of the little jacket!!

  6. So I love yours and am kind of disappointed by the others….. Maybe I am just totally into YOU or something.

  7. i so love your fabric choice! i never thought about a pattern! and i love your take on it! fantastic!

  8. love, love, love this! great job

  9. i love what you did this week! that ruffle skirt – seriously awesome. i love that you used toned down colors, mixed prints, and went crazy with the different layers. the volume of the skirt is really great and i really like that it’s not “too sweet.” bet it’s so fun for her to wear, too! seriously impressed, good luck next week! :)

  10. These dresses make me feel happy just looking at them! And the photo shoot is just wonderful!

  11. I looked at all of them and while they’re all really well done and cute I gotta say I like yours the best! it’s so beautiful!!

  12. I just love these dresses! If anything you should get bonus points for designing two different but meet-the-challenge dresses. Can’t wait to see what else you have planned!

  13. Christina. You are one classy gal. Thank you for spreading your kindness and positivity to all the other designers. Your ruffling ability is amazing! I am super impressed.

  14. Such cute outfits! Love…
    And I just want to give big props for being so awesome to all of the other designers :)

  15. I Love the Dresses! What a beautiful job!

  16. I LOVE the ruffly skirt!! Does it come in my size? :) Love the patterns and the buttons and the theme. :)

  17. Wow… what creativity, you should really be proud! I just spotted your blog randomly a week ago and read that you were going to be in this contest, that I’d never heard of, and you did amazing. Love love the fabric color combo and the buttons/lace, I would of thought of a great way to use that teal lace too :) I wish you winning success. Much Love from SD, CA.

  18. This design is amazing Christina!!!! You did a fabulous job!!! Love these so much, but praying for lots of encouragement for you in the coming weeks! :)

  19. SOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited that you’re doing Project Run and Play!!! You are going to ROCK IT!!


  1. Lupine says:

    […] garden.  The girls dressed themselves that morning in their matching dresses that I made them here. Of course one of them wore their dress backwards, but that’s all right with me. I just love […]

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