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This week Season 5 of Project Run and Play finally begins. I am so excited for all of you to finally see what I have been working on for the past few weeks. It has been a lot of work and I have spent MANY hours thinking, sewing, contemplating, worrying and remaking outfits, but in the end I am happy with my designs and hope you will be too! I have had a ton of questions about the Project Run and Play competition and figured that I better answer all of your questions now because over the next 6 weeks you will be seeing lots of weekly posts about.

What is Project Run and Play?

Project Run and Play is an on-line competiton where 8 bloggers compete weekly for 6 weeks to see who has the best children’s clothing design. It is similar to the famous Project Runway on television…but for us crazy bloggers instead. Each week our looks will be posted over on the Project Run and Play blog and then you the readers get to vote on your favorite look. The designer with the most votes is the winner and the designer with the least votes is sent home…err, loses.

Do they tell you what you have to make? No not exactly, but we do have weekly themes that we have to base our designs on. You can see the entire list of themes here.

How do I vote? It is so easy to vote and quick. Once our weekly designs are posted on the Project Run and Play blog Friday mornings the voting begins. With one simple click, you place your vote and just so you know you only get 1 vote per computer. Voting will be open until Sunday night. The winner will be announced Monday morning and the competition continues on until there is one winner left. Will you remind me to vote? Don’t worry I will link to the Project Run and Play site in the bottom of my post, which I will be posting on my blog Friday after our posts have been posting on the Project Run and Play site. Don’t worry I am not going to be totally lame and beg for votes or tell you to vote for me…unless you are my mom or my hubby. Well actually maybe one of you could vote on my hubby’s behalf…he doesnt follow my blog…actually he has never read it. I know, can you believe that?! I guess I understand. He sees all of my creations first hand plus has to live with all the chaos that comes along with them. Trust me, he is my biggest fan and supporter. But really, I hope you all take a minute to vote for your favorite look, whoever’s it is. We have all put in a ton of time and energy into our designs and the only way we are recognized for them is by your votes. It is always amazing to see how many thousands of people are voting each week and the numbers are growing with each season. Plus it is a great way to show the amazing girls behind the Project Run and Play blog who work so hard at putting this competition together some love!

What do you win? Lots of goodies, just check them out here for yourself. Amazing aren’t they?! Big thanks to all that donate goodies to the competition. Plus there will be lots of giveaways for those of you at home as well. So become a follower!

How did you become part of this? I was actually chosen and asked to compete. Each season 6 very different designers are asked to compete and then they have an open audition to chose the other two designers. So 8 designers in all will be competing. 

Why are you doing this? Well, to better my sewing skills and to learn more about making garments. Plus to meet new “friends” that enjoy sewing just as much as I do. Oh and my kids could use some new clothes. But really I think it will be fun and who doesn’t love a little challenge once in a while?

Do they vote just by looking at your pictures? Yes, just three pictures actually. We submit the three pictures and a post describing our looks to the Project Run and Play blog and then that post is the one that is published and voted on Friday mornings. So taking great pictures is key…and so very hard to do. Toddlers don’t like to stand still and smile, at least mine don’t.

So what happens when you lose? That is it, the competition is over for you.

Who are you competing against? An amazing group of ladies. See all the contestants here. We are stay at home moms that just love to sew for our little ones.

Phew, I think I answered most of the questions I have  been receiving lately, but if you have anymore, don’t be shy and just ask. Plus you can head on over to the Project Run and Play site to read more about the competition.

I also want to mention that all of you at home can compete in the sew along portion. I did that last season and loved it!! To see  more information about the sew along and all the rules go here.

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