Last Day…First Day

Yesterday was the last day of having all three of my kiddos at home with me. Yes, I cried a lot! Actually I’m still crying over it.We spent the day packing his backpack and getting things ready for his first day of school. For lunch I surprised them all with a special treat…Mc Donald’s food. We had a picnic on the front porch like we normally do when they are cutting the fields or spreading “cow poop.” We even got lots of “pull the handle” action. I’m telling ya, that never gets old.I am really going to miss these days with all three at home with me.We even had a special treat of watching our last butterfly break out of its chrysalis. For some reason this monarch walked right into my little guys hands before it flew off.Then this morning my little guy was off to his first day of Kindergarten. He was so excited! Yes we did have a little debate over the socks, but in the end I just wanted him to be comfortable. So, knee-high socks with shorts it is.Drop-off was tough, but luckily I made it out of the classroom before I lost it. It sure is weird without him here…and very quiet. The girls have asked at least a dozen times where their brother is. I guess they miss him too. We are counting down the hours till we can pick him up and hear all about his first day.

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  1. I know that feeling … I cherished the time I had all of my kids at home with me that’s why I love so much summer with them. Nice pictures !

  2. Oh I remember those sad days when school started. Was always so nice when the kids were home. Great post!

  3. Ahhhh….. How sad and wonderful all at the same time!

    Sad because he’s off on his own, making new friends, experiencing life without you….

    Wonderful because he’s off making friends and experiencing life…and now you have girl time. :)

  4. I love that your kids think McD’s is such a treat! That’s how I grew up and I plan to raise my kids the same way (first one in the oven now).

    Its those simple things like ‘picnics on the porch’ that help great kids grow into even better adults! This world needs more of that!

    Good luck with your big boy!!

  5. My son started Kindergarten this year and likes his socks pulled up too. lol
    That butterfly is sweet!

  6. I hate the first day of school. Simon is in second grade this year and I still cried on the first day (and the second and the third). When I taught school I love love loved the first and it couldn’t come soon enough…now I dread it… I can’t help it…I love my kids and I want to keep them with me. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    ps—Your canning looks AWESOME

  7. OMG, I love what you did to those chairs! Love the cheery print and white paint. This is my last year with all my kids at home and I am cherishing it too! Even though my little man is gunning to go!

  8. Mustangkayla says:

    Cute pictures! I hope his first day was fantastic! My little one starts 1st grade next week, his first time with full day school and I am a nervous wreck. 😉

  9. BEAUTIFUL kids and a gorgeous run of photos of them. What a treasure chest you will have once they are grown! (mine is 44 this December and I have no grandbabies, could I adopt yours? LOL) I only had one and I tried to capture every moment in her baby book..the little funny things, the cute little toes…all of that..but its not the same as a photo of a grinning face and a butterfly in hand. Thanks for sharing them with us :)
    PS. LOVE the chairs!

  10. Found you through PR&P- enjoyed reading your blog! Looking forward to your creations :) P.s. those claw foot tubs???? Dying!!!!

  11. Found you through PR&P- enjoyed reading your blog! Looking forward to your creations :) P.s. those claw foot tubs???? Dying!!!!

  12. Found you through PR&P- enjoyed reading your blog! Looking forward to your creations :) P.s. those claw foot tubs???? Dying!!!!

  13. Lovely pictures! You make me like kids, lol

  14. How symbolic is that butterfly?! Oh my goodness, that is cool! I’m praying for you sweet sister that your heart will be able to handle all this! And the socks is just funny…love it!

  15. Meg Pease says:

    Christina, so lovely to share this day with us. My 2 youngest granddaughters both started Preppie, here in Melbourne, Australia and both Mummy’s now have all children at school. Enjoy your girls, as it will be a different noise you hear now in the house, than the past years…..regards Meg

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