More free junk found on the side of the road.

This has definitely been the best free junk find we have ever found on the side of the road…2 claw foot tubs for FREE! I know right?! One day my hubby was driving home and saw a free sign on both tubs and since he couldn’t choose between the two, he brought both home. How he ever got them into his van alone I will never know but all I know is these were the best finds ever. We decided to use one and keep the other as a “back-up” since we already have another claw foot tub that came with the house. The outside of the tub was not in too bad of shape while the inside was in horrible shape. Nothing a lot of TLC wouldn’t cure though. (The picture is after shot of the inside.) The outside definitely needed a new paint job and even some sand blasting beforehand to remove all of the old paints.After a few coats of paint she was good to go.By far the best free junk on the side of the road that we have ever found. So tell me, what has your best free junk find been?

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  1. I found an old rabbit hutch/pigeon hutch that became the frame for our chicken coop. It was so big and heavy that I couldn’t get it in the car or even walk it down the street (we live on the next block). The guy who had just bought the house and had put it out on the street saw me looking at it, and since I was a block away, he drove it in his pickup to my house! He wanted that thing GONE as badly as I wanted it LOL. We had to take off lots of parts, paint, and add more parts–but it is awesome! I have even used some of the pulled-off wood in my bed cover frame that protects veggies from…chickens!

  2. Love that tub!!! Best thing I’ve found was a children’s table height heavy duty plastic sandbox with a matching “lid”. It was on the side of the road on garbage night and in excellent condition :) My eldest got a lot of use out of it and I wish we still had it for my little one!

  3. christina says:

    what a great find!! you did an awesome job fixing that up, looks brand new!

  4. The tub looks amazing! I’m crazy jealous though. I never find anything on the side of the road.

  5. Wow! That is amazing! I live in a major antique hub, so no one ever gives these tubs away for free around here. Even when they are in the backyard wasting away, I can ask and still be told that it is $100. You definitely scored! And it looks so great. I love the orange! I know that was probably a lot of work to get it looking that good! Great work!
    Oh- our best road side find- probably when we found the brand new counter top and sink under mount. A contractor had bought it and it was the wrong size. I’m not sure why they were giving it away, but it fit perfectly in our bathroom and was beautiful!

  6. How in the world do you always find the BEST things on the side of the road? And/or do the best redos on ANYTHING you happen to put your hands on? Want to come to my place and design my rooms for me? 😉

  7. OH MY GOSH. Amazing. Love it. I just got my first side of the road free table and I thought that was exciting….but this is awesome.Good job.

  8. Really old dishes and bowls that I watch these guys empty. Before they left I ask what they where doing with those dishes, they said trash. My mom was horrified. A jewel tea bowl set and a set of dishes I sold to an antiquer for $50. I love your bathtub it looks wonderful.

  9. I love the tub-can’t believe the before and after are the same tub! The two best things I’ve found were a captain’s bed with a built in chest of drawers and desk for my son and an entire patio’s worth of perfect bricks which are now happily edging and making paths through all my garden beds.

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