That is the number of spam comments I recieved in one day last week. Yes in just ONE day, 3,228! Over the past week I have recieved about 2,000 more of them. Please, I know I am not the only blogger that has run in to this issue with Word Press. Any suggestions for a good plugin? Please, anyone?

So if any of your emails or comments have gone unanswered that is why. Sorry and until I have this comment thing figured out I have made some changes to who can comment and how you can comment. So please if you have any questions, just send me an email, thanks!

On a fun note, my peonies were in full bloom a few weeks ago. I don’t normally have a green thumb when it comes to flowers, but this year seems to be a good year for me at least for my peonies. 


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  1. You know what I thought it was just me, I have a new wordpress blog for our new business website and I have 17 unapproved comments, which I thought was alot!! And they often have absolutely nothing to do with my blog, which is very disappointing for a new blog writer :(

    Anyway, love the blog, came from the Shorts on the Line recap email Designs by Sessa sent out, so I am an actual person commenting on your blog lol.

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