Giveaway winner & hiking with the kiddo’s.

The giveaway winner for the Run Around Romper pattern from the Cottage Mama Sewing Patterns Blog Tour is…Melody who said: The Run Around Romper (I am a mom to 2 boys <3)…its adorable!! Congrats Melody, you and your little ones are going to love it!

A few weekends ago we took the kiddo’s hiking. This was one of those days that we had been waiting for like, well… years. The day when we could all go hiking and the kiddos could hike on their own. Whenever we have gone in the past we always ended up carrying at least two of them most of the way. Ok, so maybe we did end up carrying the littlest most of the way, but that was only because she had to stop at every mud puddle in sight.My little missy girl was a trooper and loved every minute of it! She walked pretty much the full 2 miles we went and even cried when we decided to turn around. I foresee lots of hiking trips in our future, her and I.

It was the perfect day for a hike. It was warm with a cool breeze and of course full of black flies and mosquitoes. But dispite all the bugs and a fall that my little guy took which resulted in blood gushing from his head, it was a good trip.We will definitely be hiking again. Just on a shorter one where we can get to the top of the mountain or to the pond at the end of the trail.

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  1. Glad to see someone else out hiking with their kiddos! We love hiking with our boys (4&5) and have since they were babies! I even started a weekly moms hiking group so we could get the kids going early. So much fun!

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