Crafting with the kiddo’s

It has been one of those weeks when everyone in the house is sick. Nothing too major, just bad colds, croup, stridor, and over all crankiness. I begged the kiddo’s to just lay on the couch and watch movies, but they wouldn’t. All they wanted to do was craft.

It’s amazing how a bottle of glue and lots of crafting supplies can change one’s mood around…very quickly.

I didn’t care about the messes. The kiddo’s were happy and I was able to just sit there and watch for hours while sipping a cup of tea…with no one on my lap!
`Maybe it was the Elmer’s Glue that caused croup? We tried making bunnies out of used milk jugs.
Some of them actually looked like bunnies.
Whereas others looked like…umm…this.

Lots of masterpieces were made that day I tell ya!
The next day we got some of our seeds in the mail.
And we couldn’t wait to get planting.
Those little hands were so eager to help and sow some seeds they did.

Now that they are sprouting I can tell exactly who planted which row. I’m happy to say at least they are all sprouting, I just have a lot of thinning to do.
But the highlight of the week was coloring our Easter eggs. Since when does one package come with so many colors?
My kiddos have a love for color almost as much as I do.
And a love for lining things up. I wish they were that neat with their toys.
We were lucky, no spilled cups. And believe me, there was a lot of dunking going on! They would start at one end of the table checking each cup, over and over again. I tell ya, cheap entertainment. Why don’t we do this more often?
Eggs this pretty should be done more often!

So I guess we didn’t accomplished much this week other then making lots of crafty messes and that is all right with me. Whatever it takes to keep the kiddo’s happy and me sane…and get rid of these colds! Off to make two more Easter dresses. Wish me luck. Sewing with the kids around is always a challenge.

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