embrace the camera {winter chores}

So here we are still doing our morning chores all together the four of us. I thought the kids would have “chickened out” by now, but all 3 of them are still heading out with this momma everyday to collect the eggs.

My little guy starts out on his snowshoes but half-way-up there usually hops into the sled with the girls. Surprisingly, even though it takes a good hour to get out the door and to collect the eggs, I have actually enjoyed most days. I get to strap on my snowshoes and be outdoors. The worst part is just getting out the door. Ya know, by the time the second one is all dressed, the first one is undressed again. Gloves need to be put on 5X before we even make it to the chicken coop, and someone always does a face plant in the snow and has a melt down.

Thanks to our 6 chickens, they get us out of the house everyday. It’s not always fun and I don’t always look forward to it, but once we are finished there is nothing like going back inside and warming up. And really, I’m getting one great workout everyday.

That’s right, only 3 eggs today! For some reason our chickens are not good at doing their job. Any suggestions?

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  1. DanielleisNesting says:

    Do you have a heat lamp in your coop? If it's overcast they might be laying less. If you put a heating lamp on for an extra hour after sunset it extends their day thus eggs they lay. Are you feeding their shells back to them?

  2. Great photos and I LOVE that you get daily fresh eggs! How cool is that?!

  3. No idea when it comes to chicken laying, but I can say your pics are adorable!! Love that nosey nosey shot. What a fun way to get outside…. even if it does take awhile :)

  4. I'm a new follower!! Your blog is absolutely adorable. Can't wait to get to know you!!!


  5. i wish i had some chicken advice –

    your pictures rock

  6. My Love is..... says:

    WOW!! Your kids are totally rocking their chores trudging in and out every day!! YAY KIDS!

  7. How fun!! Cute pics!

  8. We have lots of chickens and my advice is if you don't have a light in the barn already then hook up an extension cord and give them 14 hours of daylight.They do need light BC of their body systems.We NEVER give them chicken shells or eggs to eat,this causes them to taste their own eggs.Come on over to our blog and read our sayings about caring for CHICKENS.
    Do you homeschool????I am new to your blog just found you all but love it already.

  9. A light might help. I finally put a timer in the coop and have the light on for twelve hours a day,just for the winter months. I have heard a lot of people say their chickens don't lay as well in the winter but mine do fine.

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