Mod Podged Hoe Tutorial

Mod Podged Hoe Tutorial

(beginner level: takes 2 days to fully complete due to drying times.)

Here is what you need:

1 hoe: old or new (per husbands request, I bought a new one, $4.95 at Walmart).
Outdoor Mod Podge
Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic indoor/outdoor spray paint
paint brushes (I like to use a brush to apply and sponge brush to smooth).
drop cloth (I used an old vinyl table cloth, sorry about the color contrast).

Length: Cut fabric long enough to cover length of handle, and add an extra 3/4″ at end.

Width: Make sure fabric wraps around hoe, but only overlaps by 1/2″.

Working in small long sections, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to part of the handle.

Apply fabric. Make sure fabric is tight to with metal hoe part. Also line up fabric so that overlapping fabric will be on the underside of hoe. Keep applying Mod Podge and fabric to top section of hoe, until you have covered the entire length of hoe.

Gently smooth out fabric. Don’t push too hard or you will cause the fabric to pull and be uneven.

Time to work on underside of hoe.

Apply Mod Podge.

Gently fold over one side of fabric, do for the entire length of hoe.

Apply Mod Podge and fold over remaining side of fabric. Do for the entire length of hoe.

Hoe should be fully covered now. Again, gently smooth out fabric.

Trim loose fabric pieces.

Working on the end.

At this point, I added another fabric, but you don’t need to. (Just skip this part and go to the next if you are not applying another piece of fabric.) Fabric should be about 3/4″ longer then end of hoe. Apply Mod Podge and fabric same way as before.

Cut out 4 v-shaped pieces and a few slits. Apply Mod Podge and work the fabric so that it lays as flat as possible. Keep working until smooth and secure.

At this point, I added a few more pieces of fabric to end of hoe and a little star. Add any extras now.


Let hoe dry about 1/2 hour and then apply Mod Podge to entire hoe. Remember thin layers. Do this about 3 times or so, letting hoe dry 1/2 hour in between applications. When finished Mod Podging hoe allow to dry overnight. Hoe will feel tacky, that is normal. (The acrylic spray will take the tackiness away). Next day, spray with Krylon Clear Acrylic indoor/outdoor spray paint. I sprayed my hoe 4 times with allowing 1/2 hour in between applications. Allow hoe to dry a few hours before using.

How cute is this going to look out in the garden. You can apply the same technique to a broom, shovel, or any other wooden handled tools. Have fun with it!
As with all my tutorials, this is for personal use only. Any questions or comments please contact me.
For other Mod Podge ideas and a great place for reference go to Mod Podge Rocks. This is where I learned that the acrylic spray will take care of the tackiness, thanks again Amy!

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  1. CraftCrave says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [29 Jun 01:06pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  2. Mod Podge Amy says:

    This is fabulous!!!

  3. CountryBelle says:

    This is awesome!! Gardening with personality!!

  4. Gloria Westerman says:

    How cute is that….I love it….and what a great idea…..thank you for sharing….

  5. Cute!!! I have been wanting to decorate my hoe for some time. I would have never thought of fabric!

  6. karen in iowa says:

    This would work on kitchen broom handles or mops also!!!!!!! go girls!

  7. jude3944 says:

    Oh my gosh I just love this. I love being in the garden!! What a cute gift idea for family who do the same.. Thank you for the tutorial

  8. I just LOVE that you are barefoot in the first picture! Great idea too! I will have to make new handles for all my garden tools :)

  9. 2littlehooligans says:

    oh yes i am always barefoot in the garden. its a rare site to see me in shoes in there. just something about being that close to nature that i love:) i have to say my hoe is still in great shape. and i leave it outside all the time. im not so good to my tools, but this one is still like the day i made it except the fabric is now bleached from the sun:) but the handle still feels great!

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